Harley Quinn Dorm - LEGO DC Super Hero Girls 41236

Review: Harley Quinn Dorm – LEGO DC Super Hero Girls (41236)

The DC Super Hero Girls line has repurposed a couple of villains as heroes, and getting her second set in the latest wave of sets is Harley Quinn.

As a complement to the Wonder Woman Dorm set, we now get Harley’s side of the room (they share a room at Super Hero High). Whereas the Amazonian princesses room had more stoic & heroic items, Harley has more novelty decor such as a High Striker (a classic test of strength, perfect for Harley’s mallet), a couch with a whoopee cushion and a fold out out bed.

Harley also has a phone with a selfie stick and even a lipstick accessory (which the Kryptomite – different ones come with each set – is using to scrawl graffiti everywhere).

This is a fun little set, especially for any Harley fan – but one of the best aspects is that it is designed to also clips onto the larger Super Hero High – along with the aforementioned Wonder Woman dorm, to create a much expanded playset.

The recommend age for this set is 7-12, but our 5-year-old daughter has a great time putting this together.

The LEGO line of DC Super Hero Girls continues to be the best showcase for the strengths of this brand. Much like the reinvention of Harley, it has taken the once derided aesthetics of the LEGO Friends line and reinvented it as a great line of superhero LEGO sets. This is yet more evidence that toymakers and retailers are re-thinking what products to target towards girls.


LEGO DC Super Hero Girls Harley Quinn Dorm has an RRP of £19.99.

We were sent this set free of charge by LEGO for the purposes of this review.

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