Review: DC Super Hero Girls – Search for Atlantis comic

Search for Atlantis is the seventh collection of DC Super Hero Girls comics, written once again by Shea Fontana, with art by Yancy Labat.

In this story, we have the teenage Meera introduced to the mix – an older version of the character appears in the Aquaman movie played by Amber Heard. She joins superhero high and is taken under the wing of Wonder Woman, to ease her transition to the school – much to the annoyance of Wonder Woman’s best friend Bumble Bee.

Added to this emotional subplot is the story of the disappearance of the underwater city of Atlantis – including royal resident King Arthur, aka Aquaman. The teenage heroes (despite the brand name, not all of them are girls) go on a quest beneath the seas – and into space – in order to solve the mystery and restore Atlantis to its Terran seabed home.

This is yet another bright and colourful tale, which maintains a nice balance of action based plot and emotional character driven story. The main narrative of the disappearance and search for Atlantis gives the heroes a female character-centric plot, which allows them to be proactive and engaging.

The more emotional subplot involving the friendship triangle of Wonder Woman, Bumble Bee, and Meera explores a situation many young children will find themselves in, where a once exclusive friendship is tested as other connections are formed.

This comic has already been read multiple times by our 6-year-old daughter and has taken the mantle as being her current favourite DC Super Hero Girls graphic novel.

There are many nice in jokes which will appeal to DC fans big and small, eg. there’s arunning gag of what the team of Cyborg, Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy should call themselves (hint: a ‘Teen’ super team) – which delighted a certain 6-year-old fan in our house.


DC Super Hero Girls: Search for Atlantis is available now. We were given a copy of this comic for the purposes of this review.

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