Flash Facts review

Here’s a review of Flash Facts (a STEM DC comic collection for 8-12-year-olds) by our 9-year-old daughter (aka Luna Lamb).


Flash Facts is a funny, scientific, and amazing comic for kids. It explains things like how forensics work, what type of star our sun is, what the names of the four kinds of nucleotides are, and more! Flash, Poison Ivy, Green Lantern, Swamp Thing, and many more DC characters battle baddies, and explain DNA, contortionists, the sea, and more exciting facts! 

Go on ten scientific and technological journeys to learn some incredible facts!

Fast Tracks 

Fast Tracks is a short chapter about forensics. I like how the Flash is telling the readers things consciously. There is a little surprise at the end as well.

If You Can’t Take the Heat

If You Can’t Take the Heat is about Batman and Plastic Man defeating Firefly. I liked the art but I don’t see how you can learn things from it. 

The Facts of Life 

The Facts of Life is about DNA and how it makes up both plants and animals. It tells you what parts of DNA are called and the different types of DNA you can have. It is my personal favourite.

More Than Meets the Eye

More Than Meets the Eye is a Teen Titans Go! story about virtual reality and how a VR headset works as well as how your brain works with your eyes.


Lights-Out is a DC Super Hero Girls story about energy and the different types of electricity you can get. I really like how Lights-Out explains how renewable energy works. Perfect for those who want to know how to save our planet.  


(Sub)Atomic is about atoms and how they work. It also tells you what the building blocks of the universe are.

Home Sweet Space

Home Sweet Space is a chapter about the universe. Supergirl leads a girl called Maya through the galaxy to see what to do for her science project. No baddies here I’m afraid!

Sea for Yourself 

Sea for Yourself is a comic about what lurks in the ocean. I really like the art in it.

Weather or Not

Weather or Not  is about the melting ice in Antarctica. It raises good points about the environment just like Lights-out. If you want to help polar bears look in this chapter and pay close attention. 

Human Extremes

First of all, Arcane is a greedy super villain who wants to capture Swamp Thing and Swamp Kid for a serum that may be inside them. He has some agents who have no emotion in their faces and always wear black suits and glasses. Swamp Kid was found by a swamp as a green, carrot-fingered baby. Swamp Thing can connect to Swamp Kid’s  thoughts. For a more detailed version please look at Swamp Kid Spiral. Second, Human Extremes has a few pretty random facts in it.         

I really enjoyed Flash Facts. I find it funny how some chapter titles are a play on words like “Weather or Not” and “Sea for Yourself”. I find it interesting that there is a bit at the back which tells you how to do and make things. I like how it is funny and tells you things at the same time.


Curated by award-winning actress and author Mayim Bialik (Big Bang Theory, Blossom), and geared toward readers ages 8-12, DC Comic’s ‘Flash Facts’ explores STEM and how these principles affect our everyday lives.

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