Teen Titans: Beast Boy Loves Raven – review

Here’s a review of Teen Titans: Beast Boy Loves Raven (a DC YA graphic novel) by our 9-year-old daughter (aka Luna Lamb).


Beast Boy loves Raven carries on from the first two comics in an incredible way. With connections from the first two books (Teen Titans: Raven & Teen Titans: Beast Boy) and full colour, this interesting comic is a spectacular way to continue making the Teen Titans an amazing and hilarious team in the DC universe.

One of the ways it is interesting is how it portrays the characters. Beast Boy is displayed as a teen who idolises everyone and is incredibly self conscious. Raven is made to look like a dark and moody teen but is really a fun and grateful girl who recognises a bully when she sees one. Her foster sister, cousin and best friend Max is protective, kind and ”Not a hope for the best type of girl”. 

Another way it is interesting is how powers are discovered. Raven’s emerge through simply going to school. If an untrained empath went into a building full of teenagers, what would happen? In Raven’s case it caused a splitting headache that was called to a halt after a strange, bird shaped shadow appeared over her head. 

Beast Boy discovered his powers after he ends the supplements that stopped him from gaining weight, height and a lower voice, among other things. There is also how the teens dress that is interesting. Beast Boy loves his green trainers and carries his grey backpack around to put his pet monkey in when travelling.   

Kami Garcia and Gabriel Picolo, who created this comic series, used their favourite Teen Titans and redesigned, remade and put a strange new twist to these characters. Neither had done a graphic novel before they created the first book Teen Titans: Raven but they managed to make an excellent first comic. Raven is Kami Garcia’s favourite Teen Titan, and the following year Teen Titans: Beast Boy came out, who is Gabriel Picolo’s favourite.  

In this comic Beast Boy is funny, thoughtful and kind while Raven is cautious, caring and trying to fit in. With Max trying to follow Raven everywhere, Gar (Beast Boy)  trying to find vegetarian food and Raven having nightmares (again), new and strange characters are appearing with tech and skill like no other. We meet Damian Wayne, who grew up in the shadow of his father, a wealthy businessman living in Gotham city (who could that be, hmmm?), was raised by his mother in mountains far away, and Adeline, a character who until now has been only behind the phone of Slade Wilson. This comic reveals the secrets of the mysterious Slade and his even more mysterious boss, and sees Raven and Gar trying to hide their dangerous secrets from each other.

Pick pocketing, medical issues, thugs, demons, tests, insanely smart and lovable pets, ghosts and inhumane research labs are all included in this extraordinary comic.


Teen Titans: Beast Boy Loves Raven is out now