Wonder Woman DK Books review

No other female superhero is as iconic as Wonder Woman, and she is a character I have encouraged my daughter to engage with since she was a toddler. However, there’s often been a dearth of products suitable for children – and previously I had to scour the globe (and eBay) to find them.

Thankfully with the merchandising push associated with the Wonder Woman movie, we have a new wave of Wonder Woman stuff to access – and these books from DK have been great for our daughter as an outlet to engage with the character following seeing the movie. Continue reading Wonder Woman DK Books review

Wonder Woman review: A superior superhero movie

Took our 5yo daughter to see Wonder Woman yesterday. I was probably going to wait a while, but then we kept seeing this poster, and she was obviously taken with it. So was I.

Wonder Woman review, Wonder Woman movie review

Continue reading Wonder Woman review: A superior superhero movie

We should all be the Wonder Woman of the party

Like a doomsday device counting down to zero, I have awaited my daughter’s embrace of Princess Culture with dread. Continue reading We should all be the Wonder Woman of the party

Wonder Woman movie footage recut to 1970’s TV show theme is glorious

The theme tune to the iconic 1970’s Wonder Woman TV show, which starred Linda Carter (currently playing the US President in another female superhero TV show Supergirl), is the stuff of legends.

We are unlikely to see such four colour exuberance in the more dour looking Wonder Woman movie starring Gal Godot – and more’s the pity as this brilliant mash up of the seventies theme tune and footage the movie demonstrates.

It’s gleaned from footage of Gadot’s Wonder Woman taken from the two trailers plus her appearance in Batman V Superman.

Check it out – it’s likely to be the best thing you see today.

Thanks to YouTube user Sebastian Hughes for creating this.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Mighty Micros review

The LEGO Super Heroes Mighty Micros series are small sets that feature two characters with their own vehicles and accessories.

These ones are Marvel characters, and come in three sets: Captain America and Red Skull; Spider-Man and Green Goblin; Hulk and Ultron.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Mighty Micros packshot

They skew younger than most of the other Super Heroes sets, with recommended age of 5-12, but my 4-year-old daughter put them together herself – with a little encouragement from me to stay focused!

While the choice of characters is likely influenced by their movie appearances, the mini figures are more cartoony that previous incarnations. They are  also smaller, with the normal articulated legs here replaced with shorter mobile ones – presumably so the figures don’t loom out of their diminutive vehicles too much.

Might Micro minifigures compared with their standard minifigure counterparts.
Might Micro minifigures compared with their standard minifigure counterparts.

The combos mostly make sense, with an established hero/villain combo from the movies. The only exception is the Hulk/Ultron matchup, but neither character really has a direct nemesis to face off against.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Mighty Micros setsThere’s no real scenario to each set, other than each character has a vehicle and an accessory. Some of these make sense – Cap has his shield and a tank vs. Red Skull in another military vehicle plus the cosmic cube. However, Hulk is driving a Hulk car and eating a drumstick. It’s not a problem – I really like the Hulk one (as does the kid) with its ‘Hulk hands’ and green & purple colours – it’s just clear that some characters suited the format more than others.

These are fun and reasonably priced LEGO superhero sets. It’s a shame that no female characters are included in this Marvel series, but Catwoman does feature in one of the DC Super Hero sets.

Age wise, I would say these skew towards the younger end of the recommended 5-12 – but then again I had fun with them, and am somewhat outside of the recommended age.

The LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Mighty Micros sets have an RRP of £8.99


These LEGO sets were provided free of charge for the purposes of this review.