Unleashing your inner Spider-Man (or Spider-Girl)

Spider-Man has been my favourite superhero since I was a kid, so it’s not surprising that Spidey has also featured heavily in my daughter’s childhood.

However, the amount of Spider-Man merchandise there is now is mind-blowing, especially since Disney acquired Marvel – and Spider-Man came back into the Marvel Studios umbrella with Captain America: Civil War, and now Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Disney Store – who have shedloads of Spidey gear on sale – sent our daughter some Spidey paraphernalia: This Spider-Man Homecoming Costume For Kids and Spider-Man Homecoming Rapid Reload Blaster.

They also sent us a camera to try and capture some Spider-Man (Spider-Girl) action.

This captures just a little of the fun she had running around, shooting me and/or her friends, and generally doing her best to lose the Spidey NERF darts (seriously, so glad I’ve done this post I can stress less about them going missing).

In the latest of my ‘Kids today are so lucky’ gripes, I would have LOVED to have some kind of Spidey Webshooter as a kid. I was always fascinated with his devices in the comics. What I love about this web shooter toy is that it attempts to replicate the cartridges he used, even with them stored on a belt.

Spider-Man, and superheroes in general, used to be seen as a boys only interest. Thankfully, this is changing. Not only did Disney Store send our daughter these products – they are also advertising them using girls too.

Little Girl advertising Spider-Man NERF shooter
Little girl advertising Spider-Man toys in the Disney Store

Such a turnaround from a few years ago, when all Spider-Man merchandise was considered a boys’ brand, which is awesome.

About the outfit – our daughter is caught between 2 sizes. She’s generally too big for 5-6 now (she’s 5, but tall for her age). She’d normally be 6-7, but this outfit didn’t come in that so we stuck with the 7-8, which is obviously little too big – but kids being kids, she’ll grow into it.

Our daughter has literally begged me to take her to see Spider-Man: Homecoming – so of course like the attentive parent I am, I will 😉 The Spidey fandom passes on to a new generation…


Disney Store sent our daughter the Spider-Man outfit and Spider-Man Homecoming Rapid Reload Blaster free of charge for the purposes of this review.

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