DC Super Hero Girls: Out of the Bottle graphic novel review

DC Super Hero Girls: Out of the Bottle is the 5th graphic novel in the girl targeted DC brand, that also encompasses cartoons, toys, books, and other merchandise. The comics have been hugely successful, unlocking the world of superheroes to a new generation & demographic who may not have felt welcome before.

Written once again by Shea Fontana, this Harley centric story sees the girls creating their own comic books. Harley feels her creation is lacking something, so she uses some ‘special’ paint to give it more life – unfortunately, it literally comes to life.

The comic highlights the strengths of the brand, with female friendship and support placed at the forefront. The DCSG version of Harley, transformed from the very mixed up anti-hero we know from Batman: TAS onwards, needs the support of her female network rather than relying on the psychopathic Joker in her original incarnation.

Like previous volumes, the art style of the comic remains simple and engaging to children, with simple lines and bright colours to draw them in – although the different styles of the individual hero’s creations was very well done.

These comics have a broad target of ages 6-12. I would lower that slightly, as daughter has been enjoying these since she was 5 and was an early reader. I feel she is now (age 6) at the perfect age to enjoy these relatively lighter tales which have a good dose of humour alongside the drama and action.

The tone is somewhere between 2 of her other faves, Squirrel Girl and My Little Pony. I don’t know what she’ll make of this line as she gets older, but I do imagine she’ll be enjoying these books for the next few years at least.

I’ve come across a fair bit of snobbery from adult comic book fans about the DC Super Hero Girls brand and these comics – dismissing them as watered down, not ‘real’ comics, at best a gateway into proper comics that they approve of. I feel that’s immensely unfair, and lacks an empathy towards the intended market of young girls.

I for one am delighted for my daughter to be immersed in this empowering world of female superheroes who use their strength, both as individuals and as a collective, to overcome adversity.

I asked our daughter what she thought of this comic, and she simply replied – with great enthusiasm “It’s great!!”.

So there you go…

DC Super Hero Girls: Out of the Bottle has an RRP of £7.99 ($9.99). We were given a copy by DC Entertainment for the purposes of this review.


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