Lego Batman Lobster Thermidor

A little LEGO Batman fan being served her first Lobster Thermidor

As anyone who has seen The LEGO Batman movie will know, Lobster Thermidor is a big factor in plastic brick Bruce Wayne/Batman’s life.

The classic french dish or seventies dinner party classic (take your pick) is seemingly the only thing that brings joy into the caped crusaders life – or at least offers some comfort, as made for him by his trusty companion Alfred the butler.

Our daughter has wanted to eat the dish ever since seeing the movie, and we promised we would let her try it one day – perhaps when we went to a nice restaurant.

Well, such an opportunity presented itself this weekend. We are away as a family for our 10th wedding anniversary, and on the day itself we went for a lovely meal in Bruges where we are staying.

It was my wife who spotted the dish on the menu, and tried to tell me covertly without our daughter hearing. At 5 1/2, it’s increasingly difficult to pull the wool over her eyes, and she realised almost straight away what we were talking about. And she wanted that for her meal.

There were a few issues with this. Lobster Thermidor is a rich dish in both senses of the word – it’s expensive, plus the combination of lobster meat, egg yolks, and brandy is pretty rich for a 5-year-old’s palette. Also the serving size – this dish, is for two people, so either my wife or I would have to eat it too.

We’re not generally ones to acquiesce to our daughter’s every request, mostly because she’s not that demanding. But we could tell she really wanted this, and we did say she could try it one day. And, I’d never had it myself either and was keen to try it.

We have a house rule regarding food in our house – you have to try, as in your have to try any food even if you think your won’t like it. Well, I didn’t want to order this expensive dish for her only for her not to eat it – so we modified the rule to you have to eat it, even if you don’t like it. She agreed.

Firstly, the waiter showed us the lobster we were going to eat – fresh from the tank. Thankfully, our daughter seemed fine with seeing the creature that was about to be killed for our lunch.

The dish was a success – she loved it and she ate the whole thing. She is now proudly saying she’s had Lobster Thermidor, and her curiosity about the dish is satisfied.

Batman would give her a knowing smile I’m sure.



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