French toast with smoked bacon and maple syrup recipe

French toast with smoked bacon and maple syrup recipe

**This French toast with smoked bacon and maple syrup recipe is a sponsored post in collaboration with Iceland Foods**


Unless you’re a hobbit, brunch isn’t really a meal between breakfast and lunch – it’s more of a late breakfast ahead of a late lunch.

But, given it’s traditionally served later in the day, you should make sure it’s something a bit more exciting than marmite on toast or a bowl of bran flakes.

Eggs and bacon are two breakfast and brunch stalwarts, and paired with bread and maple syrup, it’s a surefire winner in this tasty dish of french toast with smoked bacon and maple syrup.

While most french toast recipes include cinnamon, I think that would be overkill with the maple syrup – but feel free to add it if you have a bit of a sweet tooth…! Also, I see people usually just dip the bread in the egg, and then fry. I think this is not only a waste of the egg, but a missed opportunity to have a much more delicious dish than just fried bread lightly coated in egg – so make sure all the egg is soaked up by the bread prior to cooking for a richer, heartier dish.

All the ingredients you need are available from Iceland – including the freshly made bread from their new bakery range.

French toast with smoked bacon and maple syrup recipe

Serves 2


  1. In two large flat bottomed dishes, lightly beat 2 eggs per dish until yolk and white have combined.
  2. In each dish, place a slice of thick white bread. Spoon over the egg to cover the top. The goal is for the bread to soak up all of the egg.
  3. Fry the egg soaked bread in butter.
  4. In a separate pan, or under the grill, cook the bacon to taste . I think a little crispy works best with this dish.
  5. When the bread is cooked (it should have a nice golden brown colour), slice diagonally.
  6. Serve on a plate with the bacon, drizzling your maple syrup on top.

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  1. I have to tell you Simon, that photo looks so mouthwatering I could eat it. Then again, I haven’t had any breakfast yet! I was eating this very same bread just yesterday as it happens and I can imagine it being ideal for this meal.

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