Wonder Woman DK Books review

Wonder Woman DK Books review

No other female superhero is as iconic as Wonder Woman, and she is a character I have encouraged my daughter to engage with since she was a toddler. However, there’s often been a dearth of products suitable for children – and previously I had to scour the globe (and eBay) to find them.

Thankfully with the merchandising push associated with the Wonder Woman movie, we have a new wave of Wonder Woman stuff to access – and these books from DK have been great for our daughter as an outlet to engage with the character following seeing the movie.

DC Comics Wonder Woman: The Ultimate Guide to the Amazon Warrior

This book has everything for the Wonder Woman fan, covering all eras of the comic book character from the 1940s to the present day Rebirth storyline. It also details behind the scenes aspects of her creation, as well as broader themes the character represents.

I love the rich and varied collection of Wonder Woman art in the book, but it is also a fascinating guide to delve into. While most of the reading is beyond our daughter’s level, it is a nice book for us to explore together.

Ultimate Sticker Collection: DC Comics Wonder Woman

Our house is full of partially completed sticker albums, but this one held our daughter’s attention far longer than most (though admittedly, she’s still not finished it as yet).

The cover proudly proclaims ‘More than 1000 stickers’, which while I have no doubt is technically true, a lot of them are doubles or extra stickers – and a lot less then half are actually for the album. Which is fine, as kids love to decorate things with stickers.

DK Readers L3: DC Comics Wonder Woman: Warrior for Justice! 

This was about as perfect as it gets. Our daughter is nearing the end of her first year at school, and has gone from being a child who could barely read to one needing to be stretched as she is progressing so well.

This book, aimed at 7-9 year olds is at just the right stage to challenge her reading skill – while also being content she is keen to read.

Like the ultimate guide, this covers many aspects of Wonder Woman but in a way that young children can access themselves. Empowerment is a key aspect of Wonder Woman’s character, and this book represents that too.



Disclosure: We were sent these books free of charge for the purposes of this review 

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