Wonder Woman movie review

Wonder Woman review: A superior superhero movie

Took our 5yo daughter to see Wonder Woman yesterday. I was probably going to wait a while, but then we kept seeing this poster, and she was obviously taken with it. So was I.

Wonder Woman review, Wonder Woman movie review

It’s a magnificent, empowering image. This suddenly seemed just too important a movie to not show her as soon as I could. Wonder Woman is not only THE female superhero – one she has read many stories about – but a feminist icon.

From the moments the story unfolded in Themyscira, with the young Diana staring in awe at all the warrior women in her midst my daughter turned to me with a big grin and then gave me a big cuddle. She was overwhelmed with joy and excitement at seeing this story she loves playing out on the big screen. She remained fully engaged for the 2hr and 20mins running time.

It’s a cliche – but representation matters. I know that seeing a female superhero kick ass like this, within a story about the strength, power, and love of humanity, will be an important experience for her. The way it deals with gender politics (and relationships) only adds more potency to the mix of stimulating thoughts and ideals raised by the movie.

For me, the film was strongest in Themyscira. I especially loved seeing strong warrior women doing some really cool shit…! I’m tending to risk taking our 5yo daughter to a handful of 12A (PG-13) movies now, based on the ratings advice. This one had comic book violence, mild sexual references & swearing. Nothing she couldn’t handle.

This is superior superhero fare. While it’s not perfect, suffering especially from some pacing issues in parts, I can forgive these. Gal Gadot is great as the Amazon warrior. She (and her stunt doubles) look magnificent in their fight scenes.

Wonder Woman is the best DC movie since The Dark Knight, and has finally laid to rest the ridiculous idea that female superhero movies don’t work.

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    1. How was it? It’s a tale of 3 parts for me – Part I on island amazing, part II when Diana heads into the real world and the front unevenly paced, but some amazing sequences, part III as it leads up to conclusion and final battle disappointing.

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