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Father’s Day treat – surf and turf recipe of steak and prawns

**This surf and turf recipe of steak and prawns is a sponsored post in collaboration with Iceland Foods**


A suggested Father’s Day treat from one dad to another – get a day off cooking!

I’m the head meal maker – and washer upper – in the family, largely out of practicality. My wife does our daughter’s bath & bed routine while I get dinner ready – even at weekends.

Now, sometimes we mix it up and switch. However, on Father’s Day a dad in my position might feel justified in wanting to sit out the bath time AND dinner.

To minimise the cooking aspect – while still getting a tasty home-cooked meal – Iceland’s Luxury Surf & Turf pack offers a great solution.

For those who don’t know, ‘Surf and Turf’ is a meal that combines seafood (surf) with red meat (turf). While the red meat is usually beef steak, the seafood can be the likes of lobster or, as in this case, prawns.

The Iceland Surf & Turf pack has two fillet steaks, 4 shell on prawns, and requires as little as 7-8 minutes to cook (if like us you like your steak rare).

For our surf and turf recipe of steak and prawns, we chose to keep it simple. The steak was pan fried for 2 mins each side, and while it rested the prawns were cooked in the same pan for 3-4 mins. No sauce, just served with a leaf salad. I removed the heads of the prawns prior to serving as I don’t really like my food looking back at me.

The fillet steak and prawns is a really tasty combo, with the sea saltiness of the prawn complementing the rare fillet steak perfectly. Thanks to the #PowerOfFrozen there was no compromise in taste, and having it on hand in the freezer provides convenience.

So an easy as treat for Father’s Day, ready within minutes. For even the most time poor scenario, this is a tasty meal that no one could object to cooking for you.

And to top it all off, it’s a one pot meal – so having a night off washing up shouldn’t be an issue either. 🙂

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  1. Nice! Although you have totally ruined a perfectly good plate of meat by putting fish on top, serving it with veg, sauce…. in fact cooking it.

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