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Giveaway – win a bundle of the latest Lottie dolls and accessories

It’s been a while since I covered the brilliant Lottie dolls, so here we have a great giveaway, PLUS a 20% Lottie Doll discount code for all readers.

We’re big fans of Lottie, and the doll’s mission to empower children – especially girls.

You can win a bundle of their latest dolls and accessories. The bundle includes 2 dolls – Always Artsy and Mia the Wildlife Photographer Lotties, along with 3 accessory sets – Astro Adventure, Bee Yourself and Saddle Up.

All you need to do is head to Lottie.com, and tell us which Lottie (or accessory set) is your favourite and why. The completion is open to all countries, so wherever you are you have a chance to win.

After completing this entry, there are also various other entry options to maximise your chance of winning.

That’s it! Enter below – and good luck!

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Check out the full range of Lottie dolls at Lottie.com.

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170 thoughts on “Giveaway – win a bundle of the latest Lottie dolls and accessories”

  1. Muddy puddles for us I think – she has the same favourite yellow raincoat and wellies as my little one. Great to find a doll my daughter can relate to!

  2. I like Forest Friend Lottie, she reminds me of the flower fairies dolls I had when I was little

  3. Stargazer Lottie is my favourite by far, my 3 year old daughter is desperate to see a shorting star and we spend a lot of time now camping out so she has the best chance of seeing one!

  4. I was a Girl Scout (still am, technically), so Brownie Lottie is really appealing to me. My daughter was checking out the new ones and wants Birthday Girl Sophia. There are so many choices that it’s really hard to choose.

  5. I’m loving the Astro Adventures Lottie outfit. My stepdaughter told me the astronauts in her rocket set couldn’t be girls because they didn’t have any hair that you could see (wearing helmets), and she didn’t really get it when I tried to explain it was in the helmet. I’d love to have an outfit for Lottie so she can dress a girl up in a space helmet and see that just because you can’t see hair, doesn’t mean it can’t be a girl!

  6. Our favorite is the Stargazer Lottie doll. It is so unique and makes learning about planets extra cool too!

  7. So many wonderful choices! Several here that remind me of my daughter….Spring Ballet, Muddy Puddles, English Country Garden…are probably my favorites. Absolutely LOVE these dolls and what they represent!

  8. The Pandora’s box with the cat hat is too cute! I’ve never heard of these dolls before really like the look of them.

  9. Fossil hunter Lottie is so cute! I love that my daughter can have dolls that are cute and foster good and a healthy view of body image.

  10. Stargazer Lottie is my favorite but I also love Fossil Hunter and Robot ones. Great way to get girls interested in science!

  11. My daughter likes the Muddy Puddles Lottie, because she’s wearing blue (hard to find dolls without pink) and has rainboots!

  12. we love the new Always Artsy Lottie although she has so many guises that capture the essence of both of my daughter’s interests and / or personalities. We think it is wonderful to have such a diverse and adventurous playmate and Lottie really does inspire some amazingly imaginative play 😀

  13. We love Fossil Hunter Lottie – her outfit and kit are great. She has inspired a fossil and Mary Anning-themed birthday party and my daughter has made her a research lab in her dolls’ house! She has also started her own fossil and rock collection (assisted by Grandpa) and we hope to take Lottie to Lyme Regis for a proper field trip soon. Looking forward to all the new dolls and outfits.

  14. My daughter loves Birthday Girl, Lottie’s sister as loves Birthday’s too. She is already planning her next one which isn’t until December! Guest list, food, theme…she’s five going on 15!

  15. I love the new Astro Adventure set!! My daughter would absolutely adore it! She met Chris Hadfield when he was in Dublin earlier this year and is space mad ever since!

  16. We love the horse show Lottie. We live playing with her horse as well and using the rosettes and trophy in the horse shows!

  17. The Astro Adventures kit as my 4 year old daughter loves following the adventures of Tim Peak and is space mad!

  18. I’ve only just discovered Lottie dolls but I was immediately drawn to the Always Artsy doll because I have a little girl who aspires to be an artist. I love that she looks much like her but also like a serious artist, rather than a fashion magazine pose of one. Very much looking forward to starting a collection with my children.

  19. My favourite is Stargazer Lottie as I hope she will inspire my daughter to be interested in science.

  20. I love Muddy Puddles Lottie because of her amazing outfit. The mac and wellies are so adorable I wish I could have one for myself!

  21. All of them! :o)

    I’m having real trouble trying to decide which doll to get for my daughter for her birthday as they’re all wonderful. I love Rockabilly Lottie as I love my retro stuff, Fossil Hunter Lottie would be great as my toddler daughter is as obsessed with dinosaurs as I was at her age. I do like the Robot Girl Lottie as the accessory set is amazing. I did buy Muddy Puddles Lottie for my daughter’s friend’s birthday recently and she was lovely, so sometimes I think simplicity is good too!

    This is why I can’t make up my mind!

  22. My little girl is five and she is pony mad. She has two Lottie dolls but has been hoping for Pony club Lottie and more particularly her black horse. (Santa might bring it!) She has started taking pony lessons and her regular pony is black. It would be lovely to win the pony club outfit as part of the bundle.

  23. Just found these wonderful dolls through Mighty Girl! Can’t wait for Santa to bring my feisty chicks a Fossil Hunter Lottie Doll and maybe the Star Gazer? How’s a girl to choose?!

  24. My daughter would love the brownie lottie since she will be going into brownies when she turns 7. I would like the wildlife photographer for her’

  25. That’s a tough choice! We’d have to say Fossil Hunter or Stargazer! They really inspire my little one to pursue her interest in both and make her feel empowered, all whilst being the perfect size to bring along with her anywhere and is child appropriate in every way. Thank you Lottie!

  26. Ah it has to be Always Artsy! Lovely to see the new additions to the collection. My daughter has had so much fun playing with her Lottie dolls for a few years now and I know she’d be over the moon to add some new friends to her games. Fingers crossed 🙂

  27. We like the fossil hunter Lottie doll as this is what we like to look for on the coast near where we live

  28. Stargazer Lottie is a firm favourite in our house although it is hard to choose! Absolutely love the astro accessory set, what a brilliant continuation to Stargazer Lottie!

  29. I love the always arty Lottie doll, I’m an art teacher and my daughter although only 1 is already enjoying her art experiences, would love a Lottie doll to keep until she’s a few years older!

  30. We love pirate queen Lottie she’s just come on holidays with us to Mayo to explore Grainnuale’s castle!

  31. I love the Fossil Hunter Lottie doll. I’m glad Lottie is giving attention to a less “techy” field of science for girls.

  32. I came across these dolls just today on Facebook. My three year old saw and really liked them. They look very unique and fun!

  33. I think with our Lottie due to start at the Brownies I have worked at for the last 10 years, it has to be one of the Brownie Lottie’s that’s our favourite. That saying I’m also v excited that her cousin Mia is featuring too now!

  34. We love @lottie_dolls here
    We have stargazer, pirate & puddles Lottie. I love the new camping set! We’re a camping family and the girls would be over the moon if Lottie had her own camping stuff.

  35. My three year old girl recently asked for a new space themed bedroom so we got her the star gazer Lottie and she LOVES HER. We play astornaut all of the time, and I would love for her to have the astornaut suit to go along!

  36. Torn between artsy lottie and the brownie campfire accessory set, both things my little one loves to do with her spare time 🙂

  37. I love birthday girl Sophia doll. My daughter has just celebrated her birthday yesterday and she would have loved it. It would be a lovely way for them to recreate birthdays and birthday parties as well.

  38. BROWNIE LOTTIE DOLL – my daughter wants to be a Brownie, would love to find her a local group and give her this doll when I tell her 🙂

  39. Love the Brownie one, my girl is a brownie and she would love a brownie doll to have adventures with 🙂 x

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