New Zealand Play-Dough

Why spend £££ (or $$$) on buying loads of Play-Doh, when you can make your own Play-Dough at home for far less. This was the best recipe doing the rounds at various playgroups in New Zealand when we lived there.

500g flour
550g salt
4 tbsp cream of tartar
2 tbsp oil (don’t be stingy or it won’t bind)
500ml boiling water
1tsp food colouring(s) of choice

Mix these all together and then knead until it becomes play-dough!

It tends to start off looking as though it’s not going to be the right consistency, but just keep on kneading and the magic will happen…

NB: When using green food colouring mixed with other colours, the mixture can become really sticky and impossible to work. I have had to throw it away. No understanding why, but narrowed it down to when using green and another colour. If your mixture isn’t binding then that *could* be the problem. If you want green then try mixing blue and yellow colouring instead.

(Recipe courtesy of Richard, via Petrina, in New Zealand)

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