What’s Better: Star Wars or Star Trek? There’s an Infographic For That

What’s Better: Star Wars or Star Trek? Die hard fans of each may have a definitive answer. Others (like me) may err on the side of one or the other but still like both.

I haven’t introduced my daughter to Star Trek yet, but I keep thinking I should. I do love it too, and it does have a different offering than Star Wars.

Philosophy, humanism, exploration, and other concepts & topics I’d like my daughter to reflect upon usually take precedence over space opera – or at least they did pre JJ Abrams reboot!

If your criteria of which one might be better is based on who might like either one, this infographic maps out differences between Star Wars and Star Trek fans. It’s based on an analysis of the online behaviour of thousands of Britons.

Star Wars versus Star Trek

  • Star Wars fans are less gender and culturally diverse
  • Trekkies tend to be more practical and analytical
  • Star Wars fans into action and adrenaline
  • Trekkies are much more likely to be interested in astronomy (science) and astrology (not science)

What’s Better: Star Wars or Star Trek? Let the fans decide…

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(Infographic courtesy of Exponential Interactive)