Hallmark’s DC Superheroes Itty Bittys

My daughter’s Itty Bitty collection has been getting bigger – in more ways than one.

She recently received two iconic DC villains – Batman’s nemesis The Joker, and the feline femme fatale Catwoman.

Hallmark's DC Superheroes Itty Bittys Joker Catwoman
The Joker and Catwoman Itty Bittys

My daughter has really taken to the Batman cast of characters, and it’s great to have these heroes & villains in their Itty Bitty form. Female characters tend to be more difficult to come across in superhero merchandise, so I’m particularly glad that she now has Catwoman.

The Joker is especially suited to the cute Itty Bitty look, as his maniacally happy persona is not at all at odds with the aesthetic of the brand, and his trademark purple and green colours make this a bright and attractive little plush toy.

We also had a bit of a surprise with an addition to the Itty Bitty line – Itty Bitty Biggies!

Hallmark's DC Superheroes Itty Bittys Biggies Batman Superman compare size
Superman and Batman Itty Bitty Biggies – next to their small sized versions

These are exactly the same design and proportions as the Itty Bitty line – but far from itty bitty in size.

My daughter was the happy recipient of Batman and Superman Itty Bitty Biggies, and they complement her existing Batman and Superman Itty Bitty, uh.. smallies – so it offers a direct comparison for just how big these new ones are.

My daughter has already decided that the big superhero plush toys are the parents and the little ones the children.

While the normal Itty Bitty’s are the perfect size for little hands to grasp, the big ones are just right for a great big cuddle. They’re also a lot harder to lose – while the small ones have turned up behind the couch or under the bed, these biggies aren’t going anywhere.

Hallmark's DC Superheroes Itty Bittys biggies cuddling batman


Hallmark’s DC Superheroes Itty Bittys are available from Amazon and other retailers now. RRP starts at £6.




Cute Alert! Itty Bittys Star Wars Plush Toys Hit the UK

We probably didn’t need any more Star Wars plush toys, but when Hallmark offered us some Star Wars Itty Bittys, I couldn’t resist.

We’ve been admiring this range of soft toys from afar as they’ve been out in the US for some time, but this month they’re finally out in the UK.

These Star Wars cuddly toys have been a big hit with my daughter. There are various characters in the range, but we received C-3PO, Yoda, and Darth Vader.

My daughter has been especially taken with her Yoda soft toy, who has always been a favourite character of hers anyway (green is her favourite colour).

The C-3PO plush is made of a very bright gold covering, that looks especially dazzling in the light, while even Darth Vader looks rather sweet as a cuddly toy.

As is the way with Star Wars toys, there will be many adult collectors who will want to buy the set to add to the exhaustive collection. But the Itty Bitty Star Wars plush toys range are the perfect size for little hands, and the cute style of design is suits these character designs, making for some very cuddly Star Wars toys.

Star Wars Cuddly Toys, Yoda cuddly toy, Darth Vader cuddly toy, C-3PO cuddly toy

Star Wars Itty Bitty plush toys have an RRP of £6.

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