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Win This Fantastic Rockabilly Lottie Doll!

My daughter recently received a new Rockabilly Lottie doll, kind of as a thank you from them for our previous post about these great dolls. For a general overview for why we like Lottie so much, please have a read of it.

However, while those other Lotties are awesome, I think this new one might be our favourite yet.

We like this one so much we’re offering you the chance to own one too.

What’s so great about the Rockabilly Lottie doll?

The first thing that struck me about Rockabilly Lottie is her outfit is exactly like the kind of cool and quirky mash-up my daughter would put together. We’ve been letting her choose her own outfits since she turned 3, and she comes up with some amazing combinations.

Mixing a tutu with leggings and a vintage Letter Jacket is her kind of outfit. In fact, the other day we tried to replicate Rockabilly Lottie using items from her wardrobe – we came pretty close don’t you think?

The only condition we really place on my daughter when choosing an outfit is that it needs to be weather appropriate. Other than that, pretty much anything goes (though I admit I did persuade her not to wear her micro-skirt as an even smaller dress recently).

I feel Rockabilly Lottie is a character who exhibits the same exuberance, of a child not yet confined by social strictures of how you should or should not dress.

This is yet another Lottie that will help reinforce my daughter’s self-esteem as she grows, supporting her in making choices that may be outside of what is considered the norm.

If Rockabilly Lottie were an actual little girl, I would love my daughter to be friends with her. She is a character who truly embodies her slogan of “Be Bold. Be Brave. Be You.” – an inspirational message for all of us.

Disclaimer: While I was not paid to write this piece, my daughter did receive the featured doll free of charge.

See below for your chance to win your own Rockabilly Lottie doll, or alternatively you can purchase one here.

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43 thoughts on “Win This Fantastic Rockabilly Lottie Doll!”

  1. I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity, to go to Romania.

  2. We love Lottie!! And I hadn’t seen Rockabilly Lottie before I saw these awesome pics of your girl with her! Here in New Zealand Lottie is unfortunately hard to come by, we have no local stores selling her and the NZ websites that used to sell her don’t anymore. I’d so love to win this for my fun-loving, Lottie-like 6 year old daughter. She has ballerina Lottie, and Lottie’s horse, cat and dog, Rockabilly would be the best addition to her play room!

  3. Lottie is a very cute doll and with this outfit sure she loves Elvis “a-uam-ba-buluba-balam-bambu”.
    Greetings from Spain

  4. Loving the real child vibe of this – I think boys should be encouraged to play with Lottie dolls too – and not just the Finn doll – It’s so important that both boys and girls learn that girls don’t automatically love pink (and that it’s perfectly fine for a boy to like pink if he chooses)

  5. I really like them because they aren’t all blond with big boobies and hardly any clothes like certain other dolls!!

  6. I absolutely love this doll and didnt even realise they existed until your blog. Birthday pressie for the niece all sorted xx

  7. This is just the type of doll my daughter would love! Lottie is fabulous and is so different from your stereotypical Barbies! We are bringing our little girl up to be herself, be unique and Lottie embodies this, rather than the ideal of ‘perfection’ that most dolls seem to engender!

  8. They are lovely dolls. Not covered in make up. Little girls should be little girls for longer than they are nowadays!

  9. I have just came across lottie dolls recently but don’t have any for my daughter yet. They do look amazing tho, great for kids as they are not trying to be too grown up like so many other dolls.

  10. These dolls are great such positive impact on the toy industry I just can’t believe it’s taken this long

  11. I think they are fab – I like the fact they are normal sized and support different activities that might be seen as more ‘boy’ ones. I really like the stargazer one 🙂

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