Wicked Uncle Online Toy Store Review

Wicked Uncle is a site that helps you choose presents for kids who you might be struggling to find the right gift for.

To assist you do this, they have various categories to help you whittle down your choices.

It’s a great concept. While I’m happy with getting the right gift for my daughter, it can be tricky when it comes to choosing for other children I don’t know well.

Filters include age, and categories such as Outdoorsy or Engineer which as far as I’m concerned are far more useful than boy or girl in choosing the right gift.

Unfortunately, the most prominent categories on Wicked Uncle are still for Boy and Girl, which I feel is a bit of a shame – one of the fundamental principles that got me blogging in the first place is that there is no such thing as a type of toy for either girls or boys.

I think the categories on Wicked Uncle are much more effective in choosing the right gift than boy or girl.

In Wicked Uncle’s defence at least they have an All category right next to it, as well as a picture of a girl dressed as a pirate. And some of the choices in the Girl section at least subverted the traditional stereotype, such a Astronaut and Firefighter outfits.

There is a good selection of toys on the site, and after careful browsing (and consultation with wife & daughter) we settled on a Kite and a Pocket Microscope.

It’s interesting to note that the gifts we did get did not show up as choices when ‘4-year-old Girl’ is selected as a category, so it’s worth exploring around the filters if you’re not entirely sure about your selection.

We eventually choose this excellent mini-microscope and a terrific kite. Neither of these showed up when searching for a 4-year-old girl (like our daughter) so it’s worth looking outside the strict parameters of your search to find the right gifts.

Check out was simple, with a £2.95 delivery charge, and the nicely parcelled package arrived a couple of days later.

One thing that I do think is missing from the site are reviews. I am sure there are very good commercial reasons for not having them yet – but I found myself cross-referencing products with other sites that DO have reviews while making my selection.

I think Wicked Uncle is a great concept. But while I appreciate gender remains a category many people still like to shop with (Wicked Uncle say it remains a popular option from site users), I personally wish it wasn’t featured as prominently on the site as it is. I am of the opinion that the other great categories Wicked Uncle have are far more effective when choosing the right gifts for a child.


Disclosure: We were offered £40 store credit to use on Wicked Uncle for the purposes of this review.

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