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Review: Thunderbirds Are Go Toys

We check out some Thunderbirds are Go toys – Thunderbird 2 (with Mini Thunderbird 4) and Thunderbird 3.

The iconic sixties puppet show has been rebooted as a CGI series on ITV. Remaining fairly faithful to the look and spirit of the original, the famed vehicles remain largely recognisable in their modern form.

The two Thunderbirds Are Go toys we received were the space rocket Thunderbird 3, and the iconic ‘plane’ Thunderbird 2 (with the mini-sub Thunderbird 4).

Unboxing took a while, as there was far too much packaging and tethers holding everything in place. While the toys look the part, they do seem a bit flimsy – made of lightweight plastic (rather than the die-cast metal of the Thunderbirds toys of my childhood). Ours remain intact, but I can’t imagine them surviving too much ‘action’ unscathed.

Thunderbird 3 has a little interactivity, with a set of pop-out grappling arms (that don’t really do very much beyond popping out). Thunderbird 2 has fold out wings, pop-out stilts, and a drop down pod containing Thunderbird 4.

Both toys supposedly have dialogue and sound effects. Thunderbird 3 has rocket sounds and dialogue. I can’t comment on Thunderbird 2’s as despite the packaging stating otherwise, there were no batteries included (it takes 3 small lithium ones).

My daughter thought they were ok, and played with them a little bit. But one thing was missing – she had never seen Thunderbirds. I showed her a couple of episodes of the new version, with plots featuring these vehicles, and after that she was re-enacting scenes of rescue she had just witnessed, and was far more engaged with them.

Overall, I don’t think these are great toys in their own right, but for fans of the show they will provide ample opportunity for imaginative play. These Thunderbirds are Go toys are recommended for young fans, and only for the right price.


Disclosure: We received these Thunderbirds Are Go toys as part of the Toys R Us Toyologist programme. They send us toys in exchange for honest reviews. You can read the original post here.


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5 thoughts on “Review: Thunderbirds Are Go Toys”

  1. We have the TB vehicles set which also includes TB1 (but not, sadly, TB5). They look the part visually but I would agree that the build quality is a bit flimsy and certainly not the robust models I remember from my youth, although after five weeks of being used heavily by our three kids they’re still intact. It’s a shame – as with so many toys, while I understand the need to manufacture to an affordable price point, I would rather pay a bit more for something more solidly constructed. Having said that, they are a hit with our TB-loving kids.

  2. Thanks for a really honest review. My children received one of these toys from a Thunderbirds fanatic, and it seems more like a collectors toy than a bish-bash-bosh toy! Also, my children don’t know anything about Thunderbirds and whilst I did try and show it to them they it really didn’t engage them. Maybe when they’re older…!

  3. I think character toys are often lacking in that sense aren’t they. You do need to know what you’re playing with.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

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