Batman, Robin, Beast Boy, Starfire, The Penguin, The Joker, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, LEGO, minifigs, minifigures,

Review: LEGO Batman – Jokerland Set

My daughter recently declared that two of her favourite superheroes are Batman and Robin. As luck would have it, a few days later this was delivered.

We set to building it right away!

The first thing we noticed about this set is that it is almost like a series of LEGO play sets, which made it great fun to build and to play with.

The story behind ‘Jokerland’ appears to be an ordinary theme park has been taken over by the clown prince of crime and some of his villainous allies. Each of them has their own twisted theme park ride to torment our heroes.

The set has eight minifigs in total – Batman, Robin, Starfire, and Beast Boy are the heroes, while the villains are The Joker, plus his accomplices Harley Quinn, The Penguin, and Poison Ivy.
Batman, Robin, Beast Boy, Starfire, The Penguin, The Joker, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, LEGO, minifigs, minifigures,
Batman, Robin, Beast Boy, Starfire, The Penguin, The Joker, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, LEGO, minifigs, minifigures,

There are also a couple of bonus figures – a freaky clown robot and a penguin with some dynamite!

The Joker’s theme park is made up of these four main ‘attractions’:

Jokerland LEGO DC Comics Superheroes 76035 PENGUIN
The Penguin’s ‘Deadly Duckies’ – which sees Beast Boy taken prisoner

Jokerland LEGO DC Comics Superheroes 76035 Poison Ivy Starfire

Jokerland LEGO DC Comics Superheroes 76035 Harley Quinn 2
‘Harley’s Wheels of Fire’ – where she torments the boy wonder.
And of course, the Joker’s ‘Jokerland’ (with the ‘Toxic Tank’).
And of course, the Joker’s eye-catching ‘Jokerland’ (with the ‘Toxic Tank’). Not recommended if you have a fear of clowns!

My daughter and I construct these big sets in a few sessions, each one usually just one numbered of the bags these sets are divided into. That usually means we end a building session with only a part of the vehicle/set constructed.

While this set has over a thousand bricks, four of the six numbered bags contain one attraction each. We built a bag a session initially, so what was nice about this set was that each one ended with a finished attraction.

She’s only 3-years-old, and this set is recommended for 8-14, so it is pretty advanced for her age. But with a bit of guidance and encouragement (as well as patience!) from me, she eventually put together her very own Batmobile.

Overall, this set was a really fun build that was a great joint activity for us – especially on a rainy bank holiday Monday.

It has great playability when completed. Each attraction has interactive elements – The Jokerland slide into the Toxic Tank, as well as revolving eyes and tilting hat; Harley’s motorcycle launches down towards the flaming barrels; the Penguin’s Deadly Duckies turn; Poison Ivy’s ride falls suddenly to the ground when triggered; and there’s a cannon that fires cannonballs – or the Joker’s custard pie! Oh, and the Batmobile had spring loaded missiles too.

Jokerland’s also a playset – so it’s a great environment for children to create stories with the characters. We’ve had everything from Batman arriving to rescue Robin, to everyone enjoying a day trip to the theme park. Another big attraction for us was the number of female character minifigs included – even just one in a superhero set is a bonus, so getting three is fantastic. My daughter loves having more female characters to us with her LEGO.

“Everyone’s happy in Jokerland” stated my daughter. Not sure that was the Joker’s intention, but we’re very happy to have added this set to our LEGO collection.

Despite appearances :/


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This giveaway has now ended, but the LEGO Batman – Jokerland set (76035) can be purchased from Amazon.


Disclaimer: While I was not paid to write this review, we did receive this LEGO set free of charge. 


I think it’s important for boys and girls that female characters are included in merchandise like this superhero LEGO set. What do you think?

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  1. If the merchandise is based on a film/comic etc that has a female character then they should be included without a doubt. They should also include female characters in non film/comic based items as well. There should cowgirls and female baddies too

  2. It’s such great fun working with your kids to build LEGO sets. Their sense of achievement in constructing a model is a joy to behold. My son then enjoys taking ours all apart again and designing and building his own hot rods! Love the ‘Why so serious?’ caption at the end! 🙂

  3. Yes, I agree. It’s important to make Lego accessible to children of both sexes and adding in more female minifigures is key to this.

  4. I think theres a case to be made for having sets with only female characters – there are some supergirl or batgirl stories which only have female Heros and villains, so making sets of those would be a bonus.

  5. Yes, I think they should have both to show a good balance. Thinking about it, most of the Lego minifigures we have are boys but this set looks like it has a great mix – my kids would love it

  6. I think the sets should contain all the characters regardless of gender, I wouldn’t want to miss out of any of them!

  7. i 100 % agree that lego sets should not be made for one set gender. who says girls cant play with batman and boys can’t play with princesses. young children need to realise that we are all the same and all equal regardless of there gender.

  8. My son loves all these Superheroes and after finding old repeats of Wonder Woman on TV he insisted he needed a Wonder Woman figure. I know for him gender does not come into it. I hope it stays this way!

  9. I agree! I have a son and a daughter who are starting to believe that girls can only be princesses and boys get to do all the fun stuff. I spend alot of time trying to get them to see the reality! It’s also really hard to find female minifigures in most sets which is a bit crazy

  10. I really agree, LEGO Super Heroes are for both boys and girls after all where would batman be without cat woman :)?

  11. Absolutely! My girl loves all the Superheros and would rather pick them over Disney Princesses. Toys shouldn’t be gender specific.

  12. Of course, male and females should be represented fairly in play items, even mythical or fictional characters. Maybe this could actually infiltrate into real life, and we could stop having to ask this.

  13. It is better to included female and male characters in sets like lego so that they are not specifically geared to either gender.

  14. I totally agree it is great to have a bit of ‘girl power’ thrown into the mix 🙂
    My little dude would love this, to add to his ever growing collection.
    Awesome review #TriedTested

  15. Yes it’s good to see some female characters here. Similarly I like to see male characters among the ‘Disney Princess’ ranges. I think it adds to the imaginative play.

  16. If they are part of the series then of course the females should be there too. A really random female just for the sake of it is a bit silly though.

  17. i think it’s good that they have included harley quinn and poison ivy (i so wanted to be poison ivy after seeing uma thurman playing her) .

  18. Yes I agree. Our son plays with lego all the time and most sets have boy and girl characters (Lego Movie, Ninjago) and it creates a good mix. When he plays with his cousin she will have a mix of both characters as will he, they never seem to go with boys for him and girls for her.

  19. My daughter loves playing with lego and also loves playing super hero games. she views Elsa from frozen being a super hero just like batman! She loves playing with lego aimed at boys and also girls. there isnt really a gender when it comes to lego.

  20. Yes I agree! There isn’t enough female Lego mini figures, it’s based on the film there is no reason why these mini figures shouldn’t be included! I know my son would love this set and wouldn’t bat an eyelid to it having girl figures in it.

  21. We need more female baddies! Looks like a great Lego set! Jokerland sounds a bit like…Dismaland 😉 hehe. Would love to win one of these! Think of the hours of enjoyment! Great review #TriedTested

  22. I have to agree, However the female baddies and superhero’s that we do have I love but there is always room for more 🙂

  23. i agree i have 2 of each and they all share each others toys my boys will have bobbles in my girls dress up as policemen and play with cars x

  24. Oh my! My son would kill for this set of Lego, I must look out for it in the shops. I completely agree that superhero characters in Lego sets should include male and female. I’ve mostly only seen male characters and even though I have a son he still likes the female characters as they all have a part to play in stopping the bad guy! #TriedTested

  25. I agree, but I also think that the girls shouldn’t automatically be given to a girls and the same for boys, my daughter is a huge marvel fan and she loves the males and females equally !

  26. My two would love this! I think that the female characters shouldn’t be weak and simpering, now that is annoying!

  27. I totally agree! I also don’t see why there has to be Lego Friends…. pinks and purples should just be in Lego anyway. Also, we need more female heroes! Batman of course has a couple of female villains and who knows what side Bat Woman is on, but we need to have more females in the sets for sure

  28. I agree, many of the traditional characters are male but girl superstars/legends are slowly working their way into the pack and whilst not exactly equal, should be represented in any set like this x

  29. 100% agree. my girls love batman comics, i would never dream of imposing those kind of gender stereotypes upon them

  30. I completely agree. I don’t know all of the bat man characters but I am not sure that there is a strong character suitable to include, this may be one that has only male characters. What I do think is that where possible female characters should be included, often they are not included. Lego should not decide gender specific interested, there is no need at all for Lego Friends, it simple dictates what girls should be interested in and send the message that everything else is for boys. There should be no place for Lego Friends in 2015! Both my son and daughter would love to win this set.

  31. I love lego i don’t think its imperative to have male and female characters they shouldn’t be put in just to be equal but they shouldn’t be left out either if they fit well with the set. as a mum of 2 lego mad boys and one girl we have lots of the DC/Marvel sets and there are plenty of girls with in them even less mainstream ones

  32. There are males and females in all aspects of everyday life , so it is natural to have both sets of figures in lego surely .

  33. I think its nice for their to be more female characters so girls can relate, but its nice for boys to play with the female characters too

  34. it doesnt bother me really if you like Lego it doesnt matter as all the sets are grate for boys and girls alike i think its the grown-ups that have issues with this not the kids my kids love al types of lego and it doesnt matter to them if there’s ore female charicters or not xx fab giveaway and really good question x

  35. Yes I think that there should be both males and females in lego sets. Even though I have a boy I would still like him and show him that females can be superheors and villians too. But of course his mummy is a super hero! 😉

  36. My son has a number of Lego sets. Going through the figures included it’s something like 30 male to 2 female figures.

  37. Yes it is very important as it is hard for a kid to be pigeonholed into what sort of toys they should be playing with and then for there to be no representation of them in a play set like the marvel Lego is hard as it is would be like Lego saying this isnt meant for you.

  38. Ben would be beside himself with excitement if that turned up on our doorstep! Perhaps one for Father Christmas 😉
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  39. What a great lego set and well done to your daughter with its complexities. I’m not too bothered about whether there are female characters or not. As a child myself, I loved my lego cogs and gears set equally to my lego kitchen, but wasn’t bothered about my lego family #triedtested

  40. I am a girl who has always loved toys which are ment for boys, everything is made so much betterand you can play with it rather than just sit it on a shelf to look pretty. It so awesome that lego has included female figures into their play sets, it also makes it nicer so that siblings can play together without the stigma of ‘It’s just a game for girls’ and vise versa

  41. My 4yo daughter has recently watched the original Star Wars and has become a huge fan of Princess Leia, she loves the fact that she’s a strong role model.

  42. I believe that it will sink into children’s minds that there isn’t equality between genders when they notice that all their superhero toys are men.

  43. I agree with you, I remember when I used to play with my brother’s LEGO and would get annoyed that there was not enough female figures.

  44. Films need to make the change, and other areas can follow, to a certain extent. However toy manufacturers must in addition stop making girls versions, all pink and doe eyed.

  45. It is so important, children need to grow up realising that women can be as successful in life as men, and that a hero can be a woman. woman can work for the police, fire and ambulance services, can be dr’s nurses, soldiers all of these people are heroes so why not a famale superhero 🙂

  46. I agree. I think it’s great that Lego have started to include some Female Superheroes. My Son and Daughter would love playing together with this awesome set.

    1. So true! The “Girl” Lego is patronising & dull. Why would you want to build a clothes shop when you could be building a castle or a space rocket!?

  47. Think it’s very important. I think we should be encouraging girls and boys from a younger age to look at Non-Traditional Roles and careers. I am a Career Adviser and very often hear boys say that they wouldn’t be a nurse because it’s a girls job and girls refusing to consider roles like Construction.

  48. In principle, I agree. However, from my limited experience, I haven’t know many girls who are interested in Lego. Although, I suppose it would be equally good for boys to have the option as well.

  49. In principle, I agree. However, from my very limited experience, I haven’t found too many girls are interested in Lego. Although, I suppose it could be good for boys too.

  50. Yes, it’s important that children of both sexes have strong male and female role models and that ideally, these role models are comfortable in both traditional and non-traditional gender roles.

  51. Definately – me and my little girl love playing Lego and it so nice for her when she has a girl figure to add to her creations 🙂

  52. I don’t think it matters if the characters are male or female as long as both boys and girls are given the chance to play with the LEGO sets.

  53. I agree, I think toys should be gender neutral as children should be able to play with whatever they like without being judged because it’s a certain colour or aimed at a certain gender.

  54. Absolutely – role models should be portrayed in Lego as being both male and female just like they are in real life. I think it’s a shame that the Lego sets that are aimed at girls are so pink, but like that the new Lego Elves range is starting to move away from that pastel colour palette!

  55. Definitely! When my daughter is older I want her to be as engaged in creative toys, such as Lego, as her big brother is. Toys shouldn’t be “for boys” or “for girls”, and both genders should be catered for within this type of toy.

  56. my kids will build or play with lego whether it be for boys or girls. I think so long as they are using there imagination and playing nicely what they are playing with doesn’t matter

  57. I totally agree that there should be lego sets for both boys and girls!
    My boy and girl both LOVE lego! They can spend hours in on a rainy day building lego, It is great fun and brilliant for their imagination.

  58. Completely agree, my daughter got the Lego movie set and was thrilled to see that it contained Wildstyle as well as Uni-Kitty and though she loves Emmett those are the two she plays with the most.

  59. It’s important for female and male action figures. We don’t live in a society anymore where genders have to conform to certain roles

  60. of course it’s important. all aspects of society should be represented equally. if female characters are included in the comics, movies, books etc, then they should all feature in merchandise. and this is important for everyone to see.. it should be normal. large parts of our population shouldn’t be missing!

  61. I think it’s really important to include female characters in these sets. My daughter loves them! My son loves that it encourages her to play superheroes with him as well!

  62. Yes, it’s really important to include female characters in play sets, but as equally important characters not just a token pretty/useless female. I liked the STEM range that came out – the superhero range is sadly lacking in females. I don’t know if anyone saw that Black Widow’s character was replaced by Captain America on a doll and bike toy (wasn’t Lego btw) even though it was one of her main cool scenes. Really sad 🙁

  63. I agree. I think it’s important for there to be both male and female superheros to help make equality a normality, as it should be!

  64. Defo- we also think that toys shouldn’t be colour coordinated .. pink for girls and blue for boys… my daughter hates pink!

  65. Im tired of the whole boy toy / girl toy thing, my daughter prefers ‘boys’ toys, and family look confused when i ask for lego or postman pat (or other ‘boy’ cartoons) things for xmas, or they see her playing football, whatever makes her happy is fine by me.

  66. I’m not sure I’ve ever thought about it, I grew up just fine without knowing that certain toys represented ” men or woman ” to be honest

  67. I agree that girls should be able to play with the same toys and identify with female heroes and positive characters.

    Having said that, I do quite like the Lego Friends sets, but I don’t like the fact that the Friends characters are made in a different style to the traditional Lego people. They should be the same, so that sets are more interchangeable.

  68. I agree my nieces love lego as did I but people still think it’s a “boys” toy. I have a boy but he can play with whatever he wants to play with

  69. Yes, I totally agree. Having a daughter myself, I think strong, female characters are essential in what would normally be classed as “boys toys”.

  70. I’ve not thought about it because it shouldn’t be an issue anyway. My kids aren’t bothered (boy and a girl), they simlpy make their own people up out of other lego to suit the game, sometimes there are males and females, sometimes not. They love making their own custom characters, guess thats the point of lego 🙂

  71. I’ve never thought about it, I guess I think it shouldn’t be an issue. My kids (boy and girl) just make their own people depending on the game they’re playing, sometimes male and female, sometimes not, sometimes it’s just robots and dogs! They love making custom characters and using their imagination, guess thats the point of lego 🙂

  72. I completely agree….there aren’t enough female superheroes around…girls need to have a female superhero to look up to just as much as boys. This Lego set looks amazing 🙂

  73. I do agree, there are so many superheroes/villans that are female, why shouldn’t they be included. Both my daughters love superheroes(as do their brothers), it seems to becoming more popular now for girls to want/be interested in toys that were, at one point aimed specifically at boys.

  74. Absolutely. It’s important for both girls and boys to grow up without thinking there are predefined “roles” for each gender so anything that moves away from the boys playing with Thomas and the girls the toy Henry vacuum cleaner is a good thing.

  75. Yes, I agree. My daughter loves superheroes and I think it’s important that she isn’t made to feel that it is a “boy only” thing.

  76. to be honest im not really bothered and i dont think my daughter would be too. she loves lego, she has a few lego friends but she plays will all of the lego aswell. If its relevant to the theme then no problem, but if they had to go from the theme to make it P.C then i dont see the point in it.

  77. Definitely agree! As a tomboy I was always frustrated with how toys were often spilt into ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ categories and with how females were under-represented in lego sets. Superheroes are fun for everyone!

  78. I think it is absolutely essential for both boys and girls to see a variety of strong male and female characters and role models in all areas of life, toys, books, through the media and in real life

  79. i have a boy and a girl and they both love playing with lego, they are both happy to play male or female roles thanks to lego marvel and DC

  80. I completely agree, both boys and girls love playing with Lego and as such both should be represtented in the characters

  81. I love the look of this set sooooooo much!!
    I think it is very important that women are represented in LEGO kits like this, women are very much part of real life why not make believe life too?! Also they’re in the comics so it’s only fair they do it right 🙂 x

  82. I must admit I probably never even thought about it as a child, but I was pleased when Ryland got Princess Leah in a Star Wars set recently – so YES is the answer!

  83. I don’t remember having female lego characters when I was a kid, but now I have 2 sons who LOVE lego, I feel happy when there is a female character! Wyldstyle in the Lego movie was such a perfect example of this, a strong female character whom girls (and boys!) can admire and parents don’t think “damn, another airhead they admire!”. I
    love the females included in this set because they are female villains which is AWESOME!!! Where else does that happen?!
    Way to go lego!

  84. Yes, definitely, I was always a big fan of lego (still am!). I think its important that kids have both male and female role models even if they are made of plastic!!

  85. i think its important to have both as my daughter and grandson spend hours building and playing with lego it really is the best toy ever and super heros is his favorite at the moment

  86. totally agree too much separation going on across the board, i have a very girly girl, a sensitive lad who’s definitely geeky and my middle daughter loves so called boy toys and hates everything pinkish lol buying toys for her can be a bit of nightmare because for the most part female characters are not included in most o the really cool stuff she likes which is a shame, I hate the whole boys toys , girls toys thing there should be a better balance x

  87. Since there are female super heroes I would expect them to be in packs like this – it is perhaps more the male to female super heroes ratio.

  88. It’s definitely important to have female characters in there although Ive noticed my son (4) makes his lego batgirl say things about her hair and clothes a lot!

  89. I agree, every play set should include both sexes, I love to see boys having a play with their sisters dolls houses and girls playing with cars, we should be encouraging them to enjoy playing with whatever they like

  90. Yes, they should be included. Girls can also be superheroes. I’m against trying to assign gender roles to children – let them be who they want to be.

  91. Definitely yes, when the grandchildren come to stay, both girls and boys, the first things they get out is the Lego and they have hours and hours of fun making different things and it stretches their imagination.

  92. yes i think its important, its shows to children that not only men are superheros :). its nice they aren’t stereotypical.

  93. All toys should be unisex and boy and girl figures in everything to empower both girls and boys with all situations 🙂

  94. I don’t like the whole boys/ girls toys stereotypes at all. I think it’s important that kids play the way they want not the way adults expect them too

  95. Of course you need female Lego characters. In Batman over the years, there were numerous female villains and heroines including a Batgirl, Catwoman, Poison Ivy and a Batwoman too

  96. YES! As a child I had a lot of issues with lego as I wasn’t bought any even when I begged to have some. it ‘wasn’t for girls’. I was really upset about it for many years and i think it’s important to have girls in lego sets especially when females are in the movies or games!

  97. I love when toys such as Lego remember there’s more than one gender. The character variety in this set is nice, but I do wish Catwoman was included. Guess the Joker didn’t want to risk being overshadowed!

  98. I agree. Boys and girls should be encouraged to play with all toys and manufacturers should try to avoid gender stereotyping!

  99. Absolutely – both girls & boys have to be able to identify with the characters on some level. This looks like a brilliant Lego set; real value for money with over 1000 bricks, and such a rewarding & fun experience to build it together with mum or dad. ( try stopping us!) My youngest daughter & I have happy memories of building the Harry Potter sets around Christmas & birthday times ( as well as many other occasions!)

  100. Gosh, yes, female characters should be included! There’s still a long way to go with gender equality and toys is a good place to begin.

  101. agreed – theres some great comic female characters like black widow, wonder woman, scarlett witch etc. so no excuses!

  102. I don’t think it’s IMPORTANT to have girls in it, but it makes it more fair and equal. Important denotes that anyone would even notice if female super heros/villans were in the set, which I think is highly unlikely for the age group. Non the less, I’m glad they did include them 🙂
    Great giveaway.

  103. Definitely girl lego should be included. Just as many girls play Lego as boys so shouldn’t be sexist and have just boy charachters

  104. I completely agree and when there are female characters they shouldn’t automatically be in pink or unrealistically proportioned!

  105. to be honest, I never grew up feeling inadequate for not having a lego woman ‘me’. Trendiness and feminism has a lot to answer for. My kid now needs an inspiring female Lego woman that represents her.

  106. very important – the old style sets always seemed to imply that it was a mans world and women couldnt be firefighters or police officers or whatever. And although it isnt an obvious message to a child the message is still there

  107. Definitely agree I think it helps the bond between boys and girls as they grow when they see that items such as lego include both

  108. i had lego as a kid, even technic lego and i loved it. My daughter is 10 and she loves lego as much as my 7 year old lad, they play great together with it and actually makes them play better together (less squabbling for me to hear!) I don’t think it has ever been made to be gender specific, it’s just how the world sees things now compared to 23-30 years ago. Girls can be engineers too in life so left them be creative and fuel their imagination.

  109. i agree, i had a HUGE tub of lego as a kid and played with it all the time, my little girl recently enjoyed building ariels lego, so hopefully it has piqued her interest in more to come!

  110. Lego is a great learning tool for both sexes .. And it’s so much fun, they don’t realise it’ educational, too xx

  111. Yes – girls and boys should be able to play with any toys they like! Just because someone is a girl, doesn’t mean they can’t play with construction sets and the same goes for boys, they can play with dolls if they want to! Too many companies aim at a single market – it should be dual market. Make construction sets attractive to girls and dolls attractive to boys!

  112. Yes of course it is. our society is still so wrapped up in the idea of gender norms, its way more than boys can’t like pink and girls have to like playing with dolls. too many young girls grow up in a world that subtly pushes them away from careers in science and STEM, so many are told that to not have children is somehow a failure as a women, too many boys are forced to hide in faux masculinity because men don’t cry and so when later in life they are a victim of domestic abuse they hide it to avoid being week. These days almost everything is reinfornced with gender. I can only speculate how difficult it must be to grow up questioning your gender in a world where every item of clothing has a gender. Why does a dress have to be for women and a bow tie for a man? It’s about time toys stopped being targeted at specific gender and we are no where near to achieving that but this is progress, small yes, but progress.

  113. I agree completely and i think toys now are played with by both girls and boys and should equally show this within their toys as it shouldn’t just be gender specific.

  114. It’s critical to include female characters so that young girls get the idea that t heir gender isn’t a barrier to participation in anything, be it LEGO sets or science. The gendering of toys seems to be a more recent phenomenon and it seems to me that it’s pushing equality back in time. We (women) don’t need “princess sets” or any nonsense like that. Our girls need toys that are fun, interesting and exciting and that show women in the same roles as men.

  115. Yes i totally agree they should have mixed gender with lego its fun for all ages and i would hate for lego to be gender related people saying oh its a boys toy why are they playing lego thats awful im glad lego has a massive range of products now!! When i was young I would build houses for the lego people And my brothers would be building cars bike planes etc i dont think you could put a stamp on what gender lego is for x

  116. I think it so old fashioned for toys to be either ‘boys’ or ‘girls’ toys. Lego should be aimed at all children & when it comes to superheroes they are both male & female & as long as they are relevant to the specific set it doesn’t matter what sex they are.

  117. I love Lego. It really gives you some quality time with your kids. Although I do tend to take over. I would love to win this for my son and ME x

  118. Yes I do think there should be male and female characters in playsets (just wish there had been a female superhero in this one!) With a little girl who hates pink, purple, flowers, princesses etc, I love that she has refused to follow the rules of ‘boys toys’ and ‘girls toys’ and I have noticed that her generation are much happier to play in mixed groups where my own was very much ‘boys play with boys, girls play with girls’ which may be because of the change to how toys are advertised as suitable for all. I wish clothes manufacturers would be as forward thinking as Lego! Some girls want to wear a batman top and some boys want to wear a frozen top!

  119. I totally agree both boys and girls should play with Lego and both sexes should be included as standard, gone are the days where the driver was always a man! It makes for a more sociallyrounded child when they are encouraged to explore new toys they normally wouldn’t touch…my dad bought me Mechano and I loved it.

  120. I think we as parents probably consider this a lot more than children do. My boys have lots of superheroes, both male and female as they are ultimately all superheroes and that’s all that counts.

  121. I totally agree I have a 6 year old getting bullied cause she loves teenage mutant ninja turtles and a son who loves playing with barbie babies and make up
    I get the most terrible looks but why shouldn’t they play with these toys I totally agree with letting them play with what they want just a shame the rest of the population fail to accept it 🙂 x

  122. Definitely agree, although when they are doing movie spin-offs I can see that they are limited by the small numbers of female characters featured, Lego City though could easily include more females

  123. I don’t think it’s essential that EVERY set does, it’s good to have a variety and mix – as long as there is enough that do cater for it.

    At the end of the day, the kids will and should play with what they are most comfortable with.

  124. I agree there should be both male and female characters where the film includes them. Don’t agree with the whole girlie pink lego, when I was younger I happily played with Lego no matter what the colour. Just another way of society being overly politically correct and getting it wrong!

  125. Absolutely, it’s essential. Boys’ play should include the girl figures, they should not just be there to encourage girls to play.

  126. Don’t think it matters. Just put the characters that are in the show etc. No point in putting male/female characters in just for the sake of it! I have boys and girls and they are not really bothered about the sex of the character!

  127. Yes definitely include a bit of both, though to reflect the theme I believe there should be the same ratio as the movies. Although to be honest I don’t think my little ones really notice the sex of characters. They are 4 and 5, maybe it’s an issue for older children.

  128. I think it’s important to have both. I’m currently have the discussion with my daughter about girls and boys toys (she says her brother can’t play with certain toys, she’s almost 4) I’ve said we just have toys but there are boy and girl characters!

  129. I definitely agree they need to enjoy whatever they like without all the stigma they are only children let them have fun.

  130. I think it’s important to have both, but not just for the sake of it in every set. My kids are 9 & 6 and I don’t think they are bothered what sex the characters are

  131. Yes i agree, its very important. My son loves to play with my old polly pcokets which has male and female figures and hes 6

  132. I think that there should be a good mix of male and female characters. I think it helps children to realise that toys should not be gender specific.

  133. I don’t think it matters to younger children. Both sexes are included in this set and they know the difference between mummy and daddy

  134. i agree needs to be stronger female characters such as catwoman wonderwoman supergirl ,.. although i dont think gender is an issue when playing , i would let my grandson play with any toys , if he wanted to dress up as elsa then he could, i used to play with my brothers action men and all his vehicles ,..cow boys and indians with my brothers friends (yes im 50) we had great imaginations and got up to all sorts was great fun back in the day

  135. Absolutely! Female characters such as Catwoman, Black Widow & Princess Leia are all such iconic characters & I think nowadays most children see the character & not the gender. We’ve come a long way since my childhood in the 70’s & 80’s!

  136. I have to say it didn’t really matter when I was a child and I played a lot with Lego.As long as a child have a creative play it doesn’t matter if it’s boy or a girl toy.

  137. I agree, it’s nice to have the choice of which character you want to play with. One day you might want to be Wonder Woman and the next, Batman. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a boy or girl, at the end of the day, it’s about having fun.

  138. i agree totally as long as the child is happy that is whats important but i do see many older lego sets that only have male people in them i am glad it’s changing now and more female ones are being included

  139. I so agree, my daughter loves power rangers, and even though she says she hates pink toys and the blue power ranger is her favourite, its still so important that a girl is in there too, as often it appears that adventure and danger is a boys playground only.

  140. I have collections of superhero pop vinyls – Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman – all sorts and am a massive Avengers fan. Why should boys have all the fun 😉 Us girls can be superheros too and we’re better at it hehe!

  141. My daughter loves playing the girls in lego sets with her brothers as it makes a change from always having lego men and sometimes her lego friend don’t quite fit into the game lol. The boys also like having the female superhero’s so they can act out bits from the movies and comics.

  142. Well, I agree, but I also think it’s more important that children aren’t pushed towards ‘toys for boys’ or ‘toys for girls’, and I hate the fact that they’ve brought out pink and purple lego for girls rather than just have lego for everyone!

  143. I agree, it would be nice to include them, but I dont really think it matters to kids to be honest, I dont think they would really notice x

  144. I agree, there aren’t alot of female characters in boy’s toys so they grow to think that this isn’t normal! I always encourage my son to recognise women figures also, he would absolutely love this playset

  145. I agree to some extent, although it is important how the genders are portrayed and not pigeonholed into gender-orientated jobs & colours although the beauty of lego is you can always mix and match with the pieces to make whatever you want!

  146. I agree, otherwise children will grow up thinking that it’s all male dominated characters. But my Son seems to like it and doesn’t ever mention it so I don’t think he really notices 🙂

  147. Definetly agree. We want equal rights when we get older, should be same all round while wd are younger. Would stop a lot of bullying in reality

  148. I agree wholeheartedly! We shouldn’t always be labelling our children and placing them in pink boxes or blue boxes, just encourage their creativity

  149. Boys and Girls should be allowed to play with what ever toys they like, so yes, female characters should be included in the merchandise like this set. My Grandson would spend hours along with his younger sister playing with this because they are both Superhero mad.

  150. I totally agree! Equal representation is so important, particularly for younger children. We need to end the divide between “boys toys” and “girls toys”, and thinking that girl characters are for girls and boy characters are for boys! It’s simply not true!

  151. I don’t think it matters too much. My Daughter loves her Minecraft Lego so much. She has never once asked me why she hasn’t got any female characters in her sets.

  152. I personally think there should be both and that little ones can choose what they wish to play with not what there told is boy or which is girl its there choosing

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