Name That! A Card Game Perfect for Travelling

Holidays with kids – even to the most amazing places – can still often involve long periods of inactivity, whether it be at an airport, travelling, or dealing with jet lag.

With that in mind, there are various family card games that are seemingly devised with such scenarios in mind, and Name That! is one of the latest examples.

The rules are simple – each card has a letter and a category on it. The first card defines the category, then the one underneath the first letter of your answer. Eg. Top category is ‘Super Hero’ (it’s superhero to me), and the next card is ‘C’ – so my answer would be Captain Marvel (of course).

Name That! example

The first player to call out a correct answer wins, and keeps the card. Player with most card at the end wins.

This is for 2 or more players, and the round cards come in a handy similarly shaped compact tin.

While this would be perfect to keep a couple of kids amused in the back of the car, the suggested age is 6+, and that is probably about right. If I was being mean I could have quite easily won the game against my daughter. At 4-years-old, she struggled to answer many of the questions, such as naming a ‘make of car’, a ‘musical artist’, a ‘painter or sculptor’, or a ‘historical figure’, as these are concepts we have hardly or ever discussed.

However, as regular readers of this blog will be unsurprised to learn, she had no problem with naming a film, toy, or superhero 🙂

So parents & older siblings will probably have to let younger kids win from time to time, to there may be tears. Unless you really like winning all the time…

Name That! is never going to take the place of a tablet + wifi + Netflix, but it’s an ok game to pass the time.

Name That! by Megableu has an RRP of £12.99


Disclosure: We were given a copy of this product for the purposes of this review.


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