Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Electronic Music Mix Star-Lord toy

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Electronic Music Mix Star-Lord toy

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy returned to the big screen in Vol. 2, and so did a slew of new merchandise – including this Guardians of the Galaxy Electronic Music Mix Star-Lord toy.

It’s a 12 inch high figure of the Guardians self appointed  leader Peter Quill. The figure is decked out in the short jacket he wears in the movie, and the head is wearing Star-Lord’s mask.

The ‘Electronic’ aspect of the toy are the various Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) phrases, such as: “It’s called a mix tape. You’ve never seen one?” and “Yeah, that’s right, we’re the Guardians of the Galaxy.” Apparently there are 25 in all.

These are activated by pushing a button on his Walkman, which is also the source of the other ‘Electronic’ function – excepts from a couple of songs from the second movie. These are unlocked by inserting the blue cassette accessory into the Walkman. The figure also comes with a couple of gun accessories.

Now, whatever I may think of it (I’ll come to that), my daughter loves this toy. She dances to the music, and laughs at Chris Pratt’s wisecracks. This interest in the toy only increased after seeing the movie.

But for a parent, even a Marvel loving one like me, this toy soon outstays its welcome. You will be sick of the excerpt of “Come A Little Bit Closer” it plays within a very short time.

And while the sculpt is nice, the action figure is lacking in articulation. The head – on a ball and socket joint – moves well, and the arms move along one axis at the shoulder, while the wrists twist. But the legs do not move – at all – meaning the figure is always standing up straight.

I remember playing with a Spider-Man toy like this as a kid, and I also remember thinking how lame that was. I’m guessing this is to do with housing the electronics, but it is a shame to compromise the action aspect of this action figure in this way.

But my 5-year-old daughter, and likely any little Guardians of the Galaxy fan, will still enjoy this toy. Whether the parents will is another matter…


The Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Electronic Music Mix Star-Lord toy has an RRP of £27.99. 

Hasbro sent us this item for the purposes of this review.

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  1. Oh Simon, I love your honesty! I can think of one or two toys in our house that the kids love that mum and dad aren’t quite so keen on. At least your little one enjoys it.

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