LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle Tydirium Review (75094)

More LEGO Star Wars fun with my daughter this week as we built another new set, the Imperial Shuttle Tydirium.

LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle Tydirium 75094 LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle Tydirium 75094

Firstly, a confession. I’ll admit it. The reason why we selected this particular set for review was because of one of its smallest elements – the Princess Leia minifig.

(As you can see, we also have Sabine, from another soon to be reviewed set.)

This is not to put down this LEGO Star Wars set by any means. But we have wanted a Leia figure for some time (that WASN’T in her ‘slave’ outfit) and we’re stoked to finally have one. My daughter was so desperate for one she started making up her own from what we had, creating brand new adventures for her too. Now we have one, sporting a rather cool if fragile looking camouflage poncho.

As well as a LEGO Princess Leia in her Endor outfit, you also get Han Solo & Chewbacca, plus two similarly attired Rebels. Accessories include the usual guns (Chewie gets his crossbow one), some thermal grenades, plus what appears to be cake – presumably the food Leia offers to Wicket the Ewok in the movie.

LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle Tydirium 75094, LEGO Princess Leia , Princess Leia LEGO minifig, Han Solo LEGO minifig, Chewbacca LEGO minifig, Endor ooutfit

This is the latest in a line of Imperial Shuttle LEGO sets, but is the first one to include the rebels, and is taken from the scene in Return of the Jedi when they attempt to sneak onto the moon of Endor to sabotage the force field protecting the under-construction Death Star.

Han Solo LEGO minifig, LEGO Star Wars Han Solo, LEGO Star Wars Chewbacca,
“I don’t know. Fly casual!”

The build took us a few sessions of an hour or two, with my 3-year-old daughter helping me out with this age 9+ recommended set. I can see why the age is relatively high, as this is an intricately engineered model, with hinged ramp and cockpit plus fold up wings and doors in the cargo section.

LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle Tydirium 75094, LEGO Princess Leia minifig, Princess Leia LEGO minifig Endor ooutfit
No room for Leia in the cockpit. It’s not wise to upset a Princess with a gun.

REBELS - cargo crop

It also features fold-out guns and fireable rockets/torpedoes – the set comes with (or at least ours did) much needed additional spares. It also has retractable landing gear, which is cool but we have found to be a little temperamental.

While the dominant white colour scheme is not reflective of the colour of the ship in the movies, it makes for a more eye catching model, that is visually different from our other grey Star Wars sets.

Being a vehicle, to me it lacks the full on creative storytelling led playability of the Death Star Final Duel set, but my daughter still loves opening the doors, ramp, landing gear – and of course firing those missiles! It has prompted many creative play sessions, involving new adventures and scenarios.

While I found the Imperial Shuttle to be one of the less interesting craft in the movies, as a LEGO Star Wars model it looks great. It’s still one of the iconic ships of the original trilogy, and adding these classic minifigs to your LEGO collection is a nice bonus. My daughter and I had fun building it, and a great time playing with it too.

The LEGO Star Wars – Imperial Shuttle Tydirium (75094) has a RRP of £79.99, but please see below for your chance to win one.

LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle giveaway, LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle Tydirium 75094, LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle Tydirium 75094 prize

** This giveaway is now closed, but the LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle Tydirium set (75094) can still be purchased here **


I think it’s important for boys and girls that female characters such as Princess Leia are included in merchandise like this. What do you think?


Disclaimer: While I was not paid to write this piece, we did receive the set reviewed free of charge. All opinions remain ours.

206 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle Tydirium Review (75094)”

  1. I have to admit I am not a massive Star Wars fan, but my boys are. I would like to see the trash compactor scene as it is the only one I know!

  2. I NEEEEEEED this. We have recently found a circa 1999 (ish) lego set including mini figures of darth maul and qui gon jinn in the loft – my 3 year old boy is loving it, and my husband is sharing really nicely 😀

  3. my son is the lego fan and he’s not too keen on princess leia he though maybe more jabba the hut

  4. Looks fantastic, even through I imagine my daughter and I would argue over who gets to play with Chewbacca

  5. I total agree that female characters should be included in these as my daughter would be so much more inclined to play with them. I am really looking forward to the new Star Wars films, as I believe there are some very strong female leads and hopefully this will help to get more girls interested in this type of play.

  6. I agree ’cause sometimes female characters aren’t included in merchandise and people think and say that girls aren’t allowed to play with the toys, ’cause them were made “to boys”, but including female characters make boys and girls (especially boys) grow up knowing the importance of women, that sometimes is not given.

  7. I totally agree. Girls need to be introduced with “boys” toys (trucks, Star Wars, Batman etc) and boys need to be introduced to “girl” toys (dolls, pink Lego sets, Wonder Woman etc). Boys and girls need to know that girls and boys can be and play with whatever they want, no matter what people say. Girls need stronger role models who aren’t singing about being sexy for their man. I love Princess Leia’s attitude, she doesn’t take sh*t from anyone. Great giveaway!

  8. There’s something I’ve always liked about the original Imperial shuttles – perhaps that they’re sleek with a classic 70s styling. Completely agree about the inclusion of female characters. It’s something the original films were weak on but the franchise is huge across the genders and toys should reflect the full character range to allow all the main storylines to be played out.

  9. Every main character should be considered to be included depending on the set, shouldn’t matter on Gender of the Character

  10. i think assigning colours and toys to be aimed at just boys or just girls is madness.both my children play with toys aimed at either.every child is diffent xx

  11. Definitely, why not. If you watch the earlier films (I did) you will see that she’s a strong character in them, so why would you leave her out? On another note, heroes such as doctors/nurses/police/firefighters aren’t all male either and they are heroes in real-life. 🙂

  12. Sex-equality in all things is essential to give children a balanced approach to real life.Yes, the boys may veer towards male characters and girls vice versa but they need to be aware of their existence and contribution, be it an imaginative role play or a real life situation.

  13. Definitely; I’m really into having diverse toys and good representation. Because while there is stuff out there, a lot of the time you really have to know where to look – there’s still plenty to be done to get high street toy aisles reflecting the real world.

  14. I agree my daughter loves playing with Lego and loves when she can play with a girl figure along with her brother x

  15. i think its cool for girl figures to be included in these sets to make it girl and boy friendly however my son begs to differ ! x

  16. Absolutely agree with your statement. Princess Leia is a strong female character and it is important that boys and girls realise that strong characters aren’t all male.

  17. I totally agree, we dont do girls or boys toys just toys. I’ve go a son and daughter and it usually ends with my daughter playing trucks and my son playing with a glittery princess crown, both happy as larry. No problem x

  18. I think it is important for children to see strong female role models, even in Star Wars lego. Plus Princess Leia is a fab mini figure 🙂

  19. Absolutely; as was demonstrated by the understandable furore at the relative lack of Black Widow merchandise compared to the male protagonists in Avengers: Age of Ultron, equality should now be the norm.

  20. Definitely! Shouldn’t matter if its a female character, she is important in the storyline and should be included in the set!

  21. I think it is really important for girls to have strong female characters to identify with ad also female characters in creative toys that will encourage them to get involved in what may be considered more ‘boy’ish games.

  22. Princess Leia is needed in Star Was Lego, she is one of the main characters! It is important that there are heroes for kids to look up to, male or female!

  23. it is important to have female figures as there shold not be male/ female toys for kids they should all enjoy playing with everything as all sorts of toys develop different areas of learnng and development so if this encourages girls to play with toys seen as for biys all the better

    1. I always liked how Leia made her own decisions and wasn’t some damsel in distress like the fairy tale princesses. She isn’t just a helpless girl, she’s a motivated, influential woman.

  24. I think it’s really important that we have more female role models in the toys our kids play with. I have a girl and a boy and don’t think gender roles should be so defined by the toys they play with. Lego should be unisex. My son is too young to form sexist opinions so I would love for him to have a Star Wars Lego set including Princess Leia.

  25. I think it is important not to teach gender specific roles to children, but sadly, society has ingrained them into our psyche and we have very little awareness of what we are doing regarding this xx

  26. She is part of the whole Star Wars empire and should be in there, but children will only play with what they want to, bit like grown ups really, but little!

  27. It’s really important, there shouldn’t be this great divide of ‘boys toys’ & ‘girls toys’, just toys. Equally though there should be male influences in more stereotypically female toys. I think packaging is the biggest issue -boys would be more likely to pick up a nurses dress up kit if the person wearing it on the box was male, & girls more likely to pick up a fireman’s dress up kit if the person wearing it was female.

  28. I agree. It is something that too many manufacturers have been missing. It teaches children that they are all equally important.

    1. I don’t think Princess Leia is a particularly good character as a female role model. But yeah, given that virtually all the other characters in Star Wars are male, it’s important that she’s included in sets like this.

  29. Man, I’m jealous of both the Lego and your Lego photography skills. Good to see that your daughter got her Leia eventually.

  30. I cant see why they shouldn’t put in a female character for both boys & girls, could you imagine how the film would of gone without Leia.

  31. Hooray for getting a Leia! As a huge LEGO fan I’ve always played with the male mini figs which never bothered me tbh. It is nice now I have a son that they are introducing more female figs so he can play more realistically 🙂 x

  32. i think there shouldn’t be so much focus on what gender toys are targeted at, me and my brothers shared all our toys

  33. Of course, as long as the character figures are there that is included with the theme then that’s great.

  34. I hate typical girls’ toys. As a child, I adored Star Wars, Indiana Jones and superheroes. I hated ponies and dolls. My favourite toys were Lego and the original Star Wars figures. I have two boys and equally, my husband and I aren’t pushing them into football etc, just because they’re male. My best friend is doing a fabulous job raising her little girl and letting her choose for herself. She loves bikes, getting muddy and Star Wars. She prefers Big Hero 6 to Frozen. I was told to like girl’s stuff and act like a lady all the time as a child, or got called a tomboy. It destroys confidence and makes girls less likely to take up sports and be interested in male-dominated careers. It’s wrong to push boys and girls to like certain things and I wish pink wasn’t seen as just for girls!

  35. It is important but I don’t think it’s ever a big concern with LEGO. They have always put female characters in their sets for boys and girls! Now LEGO Friends should have some male characters!

  36. i think its very important, not just for girl but for boys also. gender stereotypes are so old fashioned and its ridiculous how we still need to push through them in certain circumstances.

  37. I think it’s great to see female characters, but have been more pleased to see mini figures like the female scientists.

  38. I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity, to go to Romania.

  39. I totally agree. I always wanted to have a girl toy when I played with my Brother’s toys! Usually ended up with a pink car 🙂

    1. There are girls and boys playing with Lego, girls and boys watching star wars and girls and boys LOVING Leya!! Of course she should be included 🙂

  40. Of course there should be a female character – why are we even having this conversation in 2015?!

  41. It’s good see female characters included, I think it’s important that both male and female character are used

  42. Not just because she is a strong female character, but because she is an integral part of the story – No Leia – No Star Wars – No Way!

  43. I think it is important that there are female characters in Lego and that there should be many different role models, both male and female, to enable children to learn and understand the ways of the world be they real or virtual!

  44. Couldn’t agree more. Especially as a Dad who spent 16 years unsuccessfully trying to turn his daughter into a tomboy. She loves her football, hate dolls (“They’re evil”), throws a mean cricket ball but cries on a 1:1000000 ski slope!
    She’s my girl.

  45. I totally agree, I think there should be a range of both male and female figures dresses in a range of clothes etc. Life is so diverse and toys should reflect that!

  46. My little girl loves star wars lego I feel that it should have more female characters but she loves it no matter what

  47. Its important but then peer pressure & the media steer kids to boys & girls stuff. Seems like we have been discussing this subject for ever

    1. Which is why we’re still discussing it – because boys and girls are still feeling pressured into like/not like certain things because of their gender.

  48. she should be included because she is just about the only strong female role in all the films , all the films have mostly strong male leads, and lego is for boys and girls and of cause adults

  49. I completely agree. Lego has tried really hard to include girls with the introduction of Lego friends. My daughters both love Star Wars though so this set would be amazing for them

  50. I completely agree. And children shouldn’t feel under any pressure to play with toys targeted at their specific sex.

  51. Lego shouldn’t be gender dividing as girls and boys love to build whatever is in their imagination!

  52. I completely agree. It’s really important that children feel that they are able to play with the same playset with each other.

  53. I totally agree that equality should have no age limits – the younger a child learns that men and women are equal the better in my opinion.

  54. I definitely agree, it’s important that there’s equality. Lego are getting there though…slowly 🙂

  55. I think it’s good for children to play with both sexes because it reflects real life. Also they can be even more creative when playing.

  56. It is of course good that action sets such as Star Wars are (or could be) marketed at both boys and girls. What sort of weirdo would claim otherwise? But equality and challenging entrenched gender roles should also be about marketing all sets at both boys and girls, not having a two-tier system where girls are occasionally gifted a female minifig character so as to legitmise them playing with a ‘boys’ set.

  57. As a kid, I don’t think I would have wanted any female figures. But I see my son playing with his Marvel Lego & he’s quite happy playing with the Black Widow, Storm, Gamora & Scarlet Witch minifigures and I realise that, thankfully, times have moved on!

  58. I agree it is important, male and female should always be included so children can choose which they prefer

  59. In Star Wars, Princess Leia is one of the strong main characters – so it would be wrong for her to be left out of a game set intended for boys and girls. Any film/tv show that has an exclusively male or female cast should reflect that. And anything that is showing ‘real life’ should have a ‘mixed cast’ (just like real life!)

  60. Boy or girl they should be able to play with all toys, grown ups don’t adhere to whether they are male or female when choosing a career path

  61. Yes very important, especially if little boys will be playing with them. It helps to teach them about equality.

  62. I think these days a lot of toys that were just known for been boys/girls toys are now for both. My daughter loves playing with Lego and its nice that they include figures of both sexes so that all children can get involved 🙂

  63. I completely agree by adding in a princess it becomes appealing to girls aswell as boys and I think its so important that kids don’t have stereotypes about what they should be playing with

  64. In this day and age it’s imperative. Equality should stretch from childhood right the way through and should be promoted.

  65. Definitely it makes it more appealing to girls and shows boys that it is acceptable to play with female characters. I think there is far too much stigma surrounding that subject. But kids should play freely.

  66. Very important but I do think we need to stop over thinking things I have boy girl twins and she definitely heads towards the more classically girly but they choose themselves. Sometimes we can end up getting too obsessed and media almost shames those that fit conventional stereotypes

  67. Yes, I believe children of both genders should be able to play with toys aimed at one particular gender.

  68. My Daughter loves Lego – I don’t see why she can’t play with sets that are more male orientated x

  69. Its fab to see that they have included more female characters outside of the Lego Friends range. x

  70. I think it’s good so girls have a character they can identify with while the set being fun for boys to play with too

  71. I am happy for my children to play with girl and boy characters and I know my kids like it so its good!

  72. i thik it is really important, because lego is one of those rare toys that everyone young and old play with and love, so role models for everyone is equal and fair

  73. I have two boys who love Lego I also have a little girl she is nearly 3 but she plays with her brothers toys and they play with hers – I think its nice to have the best of both

  74. i used to play with cars when i was little, i think kids should be able to choose whichever toys they prefer. x

  75. I completely agree. As a child my brother and friends all played Star Wars, and had Star Wars figures – all I had was Leia. I had to be Leia. when playing outside, and wasn’t even allowed to use the ewok figures in my dolls house. (Which, incidently became a spaceship too) I attribute this experience to my becoming a huge Buffy fan as well as becoming a feminist 🙂

  76. Kids can play with whatever they want regardless of gender. There are no gender specific toys, it’s 2015 for goodness, pink for girls and blue for boys is outdated and archaic.

  77. I think it’s so important. If they’re not included, girls will grow up thinking that they shouldn’t play with ‘boy’ toys. This manifests itself in a lack of female scientists / engineers later on.

  78. Totally – I hate all these gender themes toys – pink kitchens etc, it’s just nonsense. Hopefully boys will play with Leia as much as the others!

  79. Definitely. My daughter identifies with female characters and figures more, it also says ‘it’s okay to play with this’ to her. She has a brother only 13months younger than her so they are very close and play together all the time. Lego is a favourite of theirs.

  80. as a mum of 5, 3 girls and 2 boys who have all loved lego then yes i agree that both sexes should be included in the lego range

  81. Star wars is for all male and Female fans, so why not make the toys for both girls and boys.

  82. My girls play with whatever they want, some days it is dolls and others it is cars. I leave it up to them

  83. Absolutely!!! There should be both sexes in there without a shadow of a doubt. Looks like a super lego set – thanks for a fab giveaway 🙂 xx

  84. I agree! My grandson pushes his Mr tumbles around in a little blue buggy and has a play tea set. He has two female cousins his age and is constantly dressing up and playing with their toys. Toys are toys all kids should be able to play without this gender specific nonsense

  85. I think children should play with whatever they like, it’s how they build their individual characters by experimenting. LEGO is a great all rounder for everyone as it helps coordination, builds concentration and is great for those budding imaginations xxx

  86. I agree, I have all 3 boys but they enjoy playing with female lego minifigures as well as males 🙂

  87. Absolutely, as long as they are not dressed in pink!! My youngest son started school this year, and it is sad to see him start to think there are some toys he shouldn’t play with or colours he shouldn’t wear because they are too girly. Love Lego because it is (with the exception of the ‘Friends’ range) so unisex and can really be enjoyed by both boys and girls (and parents too!).

  88. To be honest, I don’t think the gender is important but really the type of characters portrayed.

  89. I dont think children should be restricted to boy or girl toys – there should just be toys and they should be allowed to pick and choose what they want to play with – lego is great (as are megablocks for smaller kids) as it doesnt generally differentiate between boy and girl lego its just lego 🙂 I think included princess leia is great shes an important character in star wars so any fan young or old boy or girl would want her to go with the shop 😀

  90. yes I agree both boys and girls should play with any toys they son used to play with his sisters buggy when they were younger and his sister used to love hot wheels

  91. Oh yes, we find that ours love to play with all toys, there should definitely be female characters in these things as females are heros too!

  92. I completely agree.. she’s a central figure in the movies, so i’ve never understood why she’s not in much of the promotional items it seems bizarre.. it shouldn’t be just for the girls either. she should be there on her own merit as a character from the movies. and boys should be taught that this is normal!

  93. Absolutely. Princess Leia is a strong female character and role-model, except for kissing her brother

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