LEGO DUPLO Backhoe Loader review

The LEGO DUPLO Backhoe Loader is the perfect toy for any digger loving child – which let’s face it is pretty much every child.

Kids love diggers. It’s basically a fact. What’s also a fact is that this love is not the preserve of boys, as girls loves them too. Our daughter is always fascinated by them and what they are being used for when we see them while out and about.

There’s a bit of a chicken and egg scenario with digger toys – do kids find them fascinating because they love the toy which leads to them loving the real life ones? Or are they interested in seeing real ones in action, which then leads to them loving the toys?

Truth likely includes either, or both – but there seem to be a few ways children connect with a construction toy such as this. There is the fascination with the mechanics of the completed model; There’s the interest in how it is put together & customised; And there is also imaginative play – acting out scenarios of what the digger, and the operator, are doing.

This LEGO DUPLO Backhoe Loader set offers the chance for children to engage with the toy in these multiple ways. The finished set has a digger with two shovels, plus and operator and various extra bricks for the building site.

LEGO DUPLO Backhoe Loader 10811
The LEGO DUPLO Backhoe Loader (10811)

I love how there are bricks printed with things that may be found in the ground of a digging site such as earthworms and even an animal skull! Most children will likely assume this to be a dinosaur. LEGO stop short of including an ancient human burial ground, but that would have been an authentic touch 😉

The set range is 2-5. For a child of the upper age range (like our 4-year-old daughter), this will offer less interest as a construction toy compared with LEGO Juniors or the next level.  But it’s still a dependable way for them to build and play.

LEGO has improved greatly in including a mix of male and female characters in what used to be far more gender divided toys, but this set includes one male figure only. So my only real criticism is that I would have loved to have seen a female figure included too.


The LEGO DUPLO Backhoe Loader has an RRP of £12.99. We were sent a set free of charge for the purposes of this review.


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  1. This looks great and quite reasonably priced for a Lego set. My son’s too old for it and my daughter is just slightly too young I think but I’ll keep an eye on the duplo stuff for when she’s older as we love lego.

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