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LEGO DC Super Hero Girls: Super Hero High set review

The headline set of LEGO’s DC Super Hero Girls line is this Super Hero High one, and in many ways it highlights the strengths of this superhero brand aimed at girls.

First the basics. The set has 700+ pieces in 5 numbered bags. It has 3 minifigures – Supergirl, Poison Ivy, and Lena Luthor – and as well as the school, there are extra vehicles for Ivy and Lena. The minifigures are in the style of the LEGO Friends figures – which are taller, skinnier, and have less articulation than classic minifgures.

We spread the build over 3 days. The suggested age is 8 to 12, but like most of these use that as a guide only – my 5-year-old daughter and I had a great time making it together, with her doing most of the building.

This is a really intricately designed set, that in Tetris like fashion manages to pack a lot into a seemingly simple building – with a number of different environments and interactive elements.

The central structure has an entrance that leads to a classic US hallway with lockers. Above that there is a cafeteria (which appears to be serving sushi), and the clocktower opens via a dial to reveal Poison Ivy’s bike, which launches down a drop down ramp.

Either side of this are two classrooms – one is a sewing class (where the girls learn how to sew capes), the other is a science class. On top are two roof garden areas, and the final element is Lena Luthor’s heli-craft, with a claw to grab the crystal that tops the school.

DC Super Hero High sewing class
The DC Super Hero High science lab

Additional elements include a stud shooter, disc cannon, and little creatures called Kryponites. There’s also a workstation with tools for Ivy to make repairs on her bike.

While this is clearly a set aimed at girls (as is the rest of the line), I think it is done so in a way that doesn’t exclude boys (even more so than the likes of My Little Pony). Yes, there’s a sewing class – but it’s for making superhero capes. Yes, the minifigures are in the ‘LEGO Friends’ style, but they are still cool looking figures with authentic non-stereotypical colours. In fact, overall the colour-palette is varied and pleasingly not dominated by pink, or even pastels.

It also encourages a range of play. The superhero girls can be merely hanging out at school, or they can engage in action based adventures of the heroes defending the school against villains.

These LEGO sets are the pinnacle of what the DC Super Hero Girls line represents – a toy aimed at girls, that doesn’t compromise their imagination. For many girls it will offer a gateway into superheroes and comic books who might need have been exposed to it otherwise. But this has been done in a way that shouldn’t exclude boys, although some more male characters & minifigures would be welcome.

This is a cool set to have, and is as good starting point as any to begin a LEGO DC Super Hero Girls collection.


The LEGO DC Super Hero Girls Super Hero High set has an RRP or £74.99.


We were sent this LEGO set free of charge for the purposes of this review.





6 thoughts on “LEGO DC Super Hero Girls: Super Hero High set review”

  1. Looks like a great set, I think it is great that LEGO is expanding their products to be open and inclusive. I think my boy would love this set and he already has some LEGO Friends figures, which are in a similar style.

  2. It would be really cool to see some boys in the Super Hero high, in this kind of style of LEGO. My son would love some of the Friends models but the pastel pink really puts him off.
    This is a great model! I could do with that sewing lesson myself!!


    1. I know the choice of Friends style figures hasn’t pleased everyone, but I like the variety – and it adds a great theme new to LEGO Friends fans.

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