LEGO DC Super Hero Girls- Batgirl's Batjet photo (41230)

LEGO DC Super Hero Girls: Batgirl’s Batjet (41230)

As far as I’m concerned, this Batgirl’s Batjet LEGO set justifies the entire existence of the DC Super Hero Girls brand.

The line, which beyond LEGO also includes dolls, action figures, accessories, and other merchandise, reimagines iconic female DC heroes (and villains) as teenagers in school – kind of superheroes in training.

While overtly intended for girls, it’s doing this without falling back on tired pink and passive stereotypes.

This set has it all. It’s a construction toy. It has an iconic female superhero. It has her cool looking jet. It has stud shooters and a net cannon. There is no pink. This is a ‘girls’ toy that has nothing stereotypically girly at all.

LEGO DC Super Hero Girls: Batgirl’s Batjet (41230) packshot

This was a pretty straightforward build for our 5-year-old daughter, although I did need to help her with the stickers, which need to be placed fairly precisely.

The finished jet has a great design, approximating the classic ‘Batwing’design of Batman’s plane that is shaped to resemble the Bat symbol. The finished craft also has stud shooters and a projectile net.

The dominant colour is purple to reflect the look of Batgirl, who is here represented in a LEGO Friends style minifigure as is the norm for this line of LEGO. Her outfit reflects in part the updated ‘Batgirl of Burnside’ look.

While there is no Batarang accessory (that was easily rectified from our LEGO collection), she does come with a mobile phone. Let’s face it, that’s a valid accessory these days…

The set (like the others in this line) also has a ‘Kryptomite’ – which are apparently sentient pieces of Kryptonite, and a vehicle they have (stolen?).

This is how you create a cool toy for the ‘girl’ market – although I reckon any superhero loving boy would be just as happy as a girl with this. And why wouldn’t they be. Batgirl is a great character, and this is a terrific toy to build and play with.

I’m a big fan of this line, an even bigger fan of these LEGO sets, and this is probably my favourite DC Super Hero Girls LEGO set of all.

The LEGO DC Super Hero Girls: Batgirl’s Batjet has an RRP of £19.99. 

We were provided with a set by LEGO free of charge for the purposes of this review.

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