Immerse Yourself in Star Wars With This Stormtrooper Homeware Set

Being a fan of something – and showing that fandom – has many outlets these days. As well as toys, there are clothes, accessories, and homewares.

My daughter is easily identifiable as a Star Wars fan, and was lucky enough to be sent this great Stormtrooper set from Character World.

The classic stormtrooper look has always been a favourite of mine, and now it’s one of my daughter’s too. Their distinctive black & white design lends itself well to reproduction, as these items show.

The classic Stormtrooper rug (ok, among other items) has added an eye catching Star Wars look to my daughter’s room.

The trooper cushion has become more of a toy to cuddle, though other times she likes to pretend it’s a mask!

The trooper look has been updated for the forthcoming The Force Awakens.

STAR508 AWAKEN SINGLE 91 ROTARY2It is this design that features on the single pillow and duvet set. These new troopers also look pretty good when reproduced, although I think the duvet isn’t as visually striking as the classic trooper items. It is also reversible with a fabric design that matches the pillow on the reverse.

As with many of these things, the stated target market is young boys, but don’t let that make you think for a second that these are not for girls too.

My daughter loves this set, and her favourite is definitely the cushion. As she currently favours the classic Stormtrooper look (that may change once she has a chance to check out the new movie) this was always going to be a hit, plus it’s a good size for her to play with.

She also calls it Stormy (who is a ‘she’ in case you were wondering – take that Captain Phasma).

The use of the stormtrooper design on all these items is nicely realised (although as mentioned I favour old trooper over new). All items are made of artificial materials if that’s something you look out for.

If you like the look of these and you’re feeling lucky, why not enter our giveaway?

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Bedding: RRP £15.99

Cushion: RRP £14.99

Mat: RRP £19.99 

We received all these items free of charge from Character World for the purposes of this review.


What Stormtrooper / Star Wars homeware items would you like to have in your home? Please comment below.

179 thoughts on “Immerse Yourself in Star Wars With This Stormtrooper Homeware Set”

  1. I’ve wanted that rug for my son’s room for ages but haven’t ever seen it in ‘real life’.
    It looks awesome!!

  2. Would love this bedding in my house – mind you, I think my Grandson would move in, so maybe I’ll have to give it to him

  3. My son has quiet a lot of star wars bits and bats , posters, dvds etc, so the duvet for his son for when he stays overnight at grandmas

  4. i’d love there to be anything with the female characters on. everything always seems to ignore them! but a duvet set would be a good start!

  5. I wouldn’t particularly like anything but my daughter would absolutely love to have the duvet set in our home! And she would love to have a BB8 droid too!

  6. The Bedding looks FANTASTIC – at first thought, this would be earmarked for my 8 year old…… mind you ….. I might just move to the spare bedroom to use it myself !!! Ha ha

    1. My house is already full of Star Wars lego, I imagine my son will be getting more this Christmas. I’m sure he would have the whole house themed in Star Wars if he had the chance!

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