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Geek clothes for girls (and boys) from

Finding geek clothes for girls is something that’s always been an ongoing quest of mine.  As our daughter wears a lot character/graphic clothing, I was keen to check out the clothing website. They’re an online shop that sell – you guessed it – character clothes, for both kids and adults.

It’s a great idea to have all this clothing in one place. For me, graphic character clothing has been a way to express my fandom, and the same goes for my daughter – but that could just as easily be My Little Pony as superheroes.

I was impressed with the range they had. Browsing the high street there’s some very mediocre character clothing for sale, but here they have curated a really good selection.

I chose 4 items that reflected my daughters interests and also matched her size as much as possible.

My Little Pony continues to be a positive obsession in her life, and this tee featured my favourite of the characters Rainbow Dash, whose multicoloured look makes for some great designs.

DC Super Hero Girls is a more recent obsession, and this girl centric superhero line is a big hit in our house (not least after getting the awesome LEGO sets). These pyjamas feature an often used piece of promo art, but the colourful PJ bottoms feature the logos of the most iconic characters.

More sleepwear from the other side of the aisle – Marvel. These pink-sleeved PJs feature Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Hulk – who is one of our daughter’s favourite characters.

The Hulk also features on the final item we had, a t-shirt which – like the Marvel jammies – featured retro-style prints, from the characters most iconic 60s and 70s appearances.

All of these clothes are well made and either pure cotton, or cotton rich.

The gender filters on the site are a shame. I’m fine with separate men & women’s sections, but the boy/girl categories are unfortunate.

At least it’s not as simple as Star Wars or Superheroes for boys – there’s some really cool geek stuff in the girls section. But from a customer’s point of view, its always a pain having to browse both sections – and when you have different items of Rey Star Wars clothing in boy/girl sections, the split seems even more arbitrary. It would also be great to see more female superheroes – especially from the Marvel side, though their clothing is notoriously bad when it comes to their female characters.

But there are some really cool geek clothes for girls AND boys on this site, and if I was to ignore a kids clothes shop because of gender filters, our selection would be greatly limited. At least have the likes of these DC and Marvel superhero pyjamas in the girls section – and we’re more happy that they have this cool retro Hulk t-shirt than unhappy that they have labelled it for boys.

So after our daughter’s next growth spurt, I shall certainly be returning to see what have to offer. And who knows, perhaps by then, they – like many other retailers are choosing to do – will add a unisex filter, or do away with the boy/girl divide altogether.


We were given these items from free of charge for the purposes of this review.

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  1. I love this website….This week I had a delivery from them. I went shopping in their sale. 12 pairs of pj’s for my girls, a set for me and I got my fella a t-shirt all for £30!

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