Five More Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls (or Boys)

Since publishing my annual alternative gift guide for girls, a few more products have come our way that could also make a great gift for a girl (or boy), so here are the top 5, listed in ascending price order.

1. Star Wars: Catalyst – a Rogue One novel

star-wars-catalyst-a-rogue-one-novelA tie-in novel for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, this is set during Revenge of the Sith and sets the scene for the latest Star Wars movie.

This would make for a good ‘topical’ Star Wars gift, and a great way into the world of Rogue One.

RRP: £12.99


2. LEGO Friends Hot Dog Van


Our first LEGO Friends set, the 4yo made light work of this 6-12 age recommended set.

While I remain a little uneasy about the LEGO Friends concept, the line has evolved and tackled many of the aspects of the brand that critics previously had issues with.

This has a male and female minifigure, is an imaginative set to construct, and the overall amusement park theme it’s part of is an active one that would be just at home in the LEGO City line.

And while the Friends line is ostensibly aimed at girls, there is no reason at all for this fun set not to be a great gift for a boy either.

And you also get a hot dog outfit that fits any of your minifigures. What’s not to like!

RRP £24.99


3. Harry Potter: The Complete 8-Film Collection BluRay


After Star Wars and the Marvel movies, I’m thinking it’s about time to introduce my daughter to the world of Harry Potter.

All 8 films are part of this attractive looking BluRay boxset, and having only seen half of them myself, I’m really looking forward to enjoying this series as a family.

I’m particularly keen for my daughter to engage with the character of Hermione, especially as Emma Watson is now such an outspoken champion for girl empowerment and women’s rights.

RRP £35.99


4. IAmElemental – Wisdom Warriors


A magnificent gift for a girl, boy, or an adult collector of action figures, this latest IAmElemental set is pretty stunning.

Packaged in a sturdy metal ‘lunchbox’ tin, the Wisdom Warriors set come in a range of bold colours and designs, with added extras such as stands, information cards, and best of all the Wisdom Workbook, a collection of puzzles, exercises, and info related to women, wisdom, and the warriors themselves.

Highly recommended!

RRP £69.99


5. Xbox One S Minecraft Bundle 500gb


Encompassing video gaming and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths), the Xbox One S Minecraft Edition would make a very impressive headliner Christmas gift for any lucky child or family.

The Xbox One S is a powerful gaming machine, that is also a great media hub for watching content. Minecraft, with which this version of the console comes bundled with, is the open world gaming phenomenon of the past decade, inspiring a cult of committed fans.

These combine to make this a great gift with girls in mind especially – as the worlds of gaming and STEM remain dominated by boys and men, and girls could do with encouragement to engage with them too.

RRP £249.99


I received some of the items here free of charge for the purposes of review. This list also uses Amazon affiliate links.

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