DC Super Hero Girls toddler dolls review

DC Super Hero Girls toddler dolls review

These DC Super Hero Girls toddler dolls are the latest addition to the growing line of toys aimed at girls. How do they compare with the other toys available as part of the brand?

The DC Super Hero Girls line – DC superheroes reimagined as teenagers – has been a great disruptor in toys and related merchandise, subverting ideas of what toys aimed at girls should actually be.

Some hit the mark better than others. While I am full of enthusiasm for the likes of the DC Super Hero Girls LEGO, there are others that perhaps err too far on the side of stereotypical toys for girls.

These are a set of DC Super Hero Girls toddler dolls, that see the trinity of heroes – Batgirl, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman – de-aged even further.

The outfits are authentically styled, and the dolls seem to be well made. But for me, these all feel too much like traditional toys for girls – the characters are designed to look cute rather than strong and powerful. And they looks a little creepy to be honest…

I suppose the best way to look at them is that they are all toddler girls dressing up as the iconic superheroes – not the actual superhero girls themselves.

Years ago, when my daughter was younger and there were far fewer item of female superhero merchandise kicking about, I would likely have jumped at the chance of these. They are a great way to introduce superheroes – specifically female ones – at a very early age.

But now, superheroes are well established in our daughter’s life, so we have agreed these would make great gifts for some younger children we know – who I am sure will love them when we pass them on.


These DC Super Hero Girls toddler dolls have an RRP of £24.99. We received these items free of charge for the purposes of writing this review.

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