DC Super Hero Girls LEGO Lashina Tank set (41233)

Lashina is a DC character I had never heard of before, but she has been included in the DC Super Hero Girls line of toys – and has her own stand-alone LEGO set.

She is in fact an established character, created by comic book legend Jack Kirby in the seventies. Seen in various guises over the years, she is now part of the DC Super Hero Girls – but as one of the few villains.

This is a smaller set than most of the others, and features Lashina, her tank, Krypto (aka Superdog), and his kennel. Yes, Krypto is also a legitimate DC character, who first appeared in the fifties.

Despite it’s small size, it’s still a moderately challenging build for a younger child. The tank is an ok design, with a cage at the back for poor old Krypto, plus stud shooters and mechanical claws/pincers at the front.

Krypto’s kennel has all kinds of paraphernalia on it, but the standout feature of the whole set for me is the Krypto minifigure. Our daughter was very taken with it, and really didn’t like the character of Lashina for locking up the poor dog.

Frankly, there is more than a hint of bondage around Lashina, what with her black outfit, straps and most notably her whip – but kids won’t see that.

As a stand-alone set, this is fine – but it really works best as a companion set to Super Hero High, as it’s great to pair Krypto with Supergirl, and it gives Lena Luthor another villain to team up with against the DC Super Hero Girls.

My enthusiasm for the DC Super Hero Girls LEGO line continues, as here we have a toy aimed primarily for girls – where the most pinkish thing about the set are some magenta coloured bricks.


The DC Super Hero Girls LEGO Lashina Tank set has an RRP of £11.99. We were sent one by LEGO for the purposes of this review.

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