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One of the things I loved to do as a LEGO loving kid, in the days before their licensed lines, was to create sets from my favourite stories. Star Wars was unsurprisingly a favourite one to explore.

A company still doing this in their own way is They create custom minifigures – with designs printed on new LEGO parts – based on a whole host of properties that LEGO haven’t – and in most cases probably will never have – made sets from.

They offered to send me a selection of their minifigures to check out, and I requested sets with female characters (as I’m always keen for my daughter to have more of those in our collection).

They arrived in nice packaging – both the individual figures and the parcel itself. Custom LEGO

First we opened the X-Files set with Sculder and Mully (geddit?), which are a pretty good LEGO likeness for the iconic FBI agents.

They also have a Star Trek line, with Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Sulu, and a generic Red Shirt. The female figure is Lt. Dax from Deep Space Nine (which was one of my favourite Star Trek shows).

But my favourite one was based not on a film or TV show but a real life adventurer – aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart. Named Amelia Brickhart here, the detail on her is great with the helmet, goggles, flying jacket – and even a map.

Amelia Earhart LEGO minifigure
My favourite – an Amelia Earhart LEGO minifigure (named Amelia Brickheart)

They have dozens of other figures on offer based on properties and figures as diverse as Barack Obama to The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and E.T. 

These minifigures aren’t cheap, retailing from £9.95 each. They are more for the adult collector than LEGO loving child, but I love their creativity in keeping this aspect of imaginative LEGO play alive. And as collectables, some of their minifigures also end up selling on for more than face value.

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Disclosure: We were sent these minifigures free charge for the purposes of this review. 

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