Mixed Berry Whisky Cocktail

Daddy’s little helper – Mixed Berry Whisky Cocktail

This  mixed berry whisky cocktail recipe is a sponsored post in collaboration with Iceland Foods.


Parenting is hard. If you follow many mum bloggers you’ll know the part that a glass of wine can play in their wind down – and after a long day of dadding, I feel the same.

The thing that often represents my first moment of relaxation at the end of the day, after the kid has gone down to sleep, is my first sip of whatever drink I have decided to make for myself.

As well as wine, for a treat I really like having an Old Fashioned, the classic whisky cocktail (that made frequent appearances in Mad Men).

For a summery berry twist on this classic, I picked up some of these Juicy Berry Mix of Red Fruits from my local Iceland. The #PowerOfFrozen means that we can have this summery tasting cocktail all year round, as the berries are used straight from our freezer – and adding these frozen berries straight to the drink helps keep it both cool and refreshing.

If you’re using these berries for a healthy mocktail or smoothie, it’s worth remembering that they also retain all of their flavour and nutrition when frozen. It was recently claimed that we need to eat 10 portions of fruit & veg a day for a longer and healthier life – and these frozen fruits from Iceland are a great way to help achieve that.

Anyway, on to my cocktail – which I have dubbed the Whisky Man Crush.

How to make a Whisky Man Crush (mixed berry whisky cocktail)




1. In a cocktail shaker, crush a small handful of mixed berries with a large measure of whisky.

2. Add ice, a little water, a squeeze of lemon, spoon of sugar, and a dash of bitters – then give it a good ol’ shake.

Pour into a tumbler over ice.

3. Serve with a garnish of fresh mint, a twist of lemon, and a few more frozen berries.

And there you have it – a delicious summery mixed berry whisky cocktail. The frozen berries add a nice refreshing element to the earthy taste of whisky.


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