International Womens Day – Dads Hopes For Their Daughters Future SM

Oxfam's 'I Care About Her' project was launched in 2012 to tackle issues of gender based violence, rape, and early marriage amongst many other issues related to the inequalities women are currently facing in Zambia.
Through the project 'champions' are identified in selected communities who are then responsible for working with up to 20 men, organising discussion groups, community 'Action Cards' and individual 'Action Plans'.

Once a year all of the communities taking part in the project are invited to join a rally or march to spread the word about the project and reach out to a wider group of men. Over 1500 men took part in the 2014 march.

Alex says:
'I want to thank Oxfam for the lessons on the cards; they have bought us some sanity. There are many myths in the community before, like beating your wife brings you respect. We must put them aside.'
'My wife recently died and now I am looking after our daughter. It is because of my love for Ethel that I am taking part in this project. I believe that when people see me looking after Ethel they see me as a good example for the community. I bring my daughter to the discussions as well, I believe it is a good lesson for her.'

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