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Taking my daughter to her first comic shop (#MySundayPhoto)

An important part in any geek parent’s life – taking their kid to a comic shop for the first time.

At 5-years-old, she is only just learning to read, but I do read comics to her – such as various Batgirl and Batman collections, Squirrel Girl, as well as some Last Airbender ones among others.

When we walked in she said ‘Wow’, and proceeded to take in all the comics around her. She was reeling off characters in a way that made me realise how much these comics are already a part of her life.

She spotted a DC Super Hero Girls comic, and insisted she wanted to buy that one. I said fine, but let’s look around just in case there was something she wanted more.

While she was adamant there wouldn’t be, she agreed – and lo and behold she did find something she desperately wanted – the next Last Airbender collection.

Unfortunately for me it cost about 5 times more than the DC Super Hero Girls one! But of course I said yes – I couldn’t let her first visit to a comic shop end in disappointment. 😊


14 thoughts on “Taking my daughter to her first comic shop (#MySundayPhoto)”

    1. Was actually the same day as the other pic I posted (though there are plenty of other examples of her wearing same clothes multiple times in a row!)

    1. Oh I’m all about Marvel too – but compared to DC and others their record with female characters is terrible. For the sake of my daughter I am willing to stray…

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