Our Star Wars Cartoon Family Portrait

We had a lovely surprise gift during a recent holiday to New Zealand – this great Star Wars inspired cartoon family portrait.

Our cousin Vaitoa (the family tree connection is more complex than that but cousin is fine) is a commercial artist, and while as far as I know not particularly a Star Wars fan himself, he knew of my love of the galaxy far, far away… and how I’m sharing it with my daughter.

He browsed our Facebook photos for reference – the one here is just to show you what we all look like normally – and then created our likenesses for this picture.

We first saw it when he gifted us with a framed print, while he and his awesome family came round to see us for an all too fleeting visit while we were in New Zealand (where my wife is from and we lived together for 4 years).

We love this picture, and now back in the UK we proudly have it hanging in our home.

Cartoon Jedi Family
Mummy, daddy, and youngling

What’s happening in this illustration? Well, Jedi are not allowed to have relationships, so I reckon my wife and I look like a couple of Jedi Knights who fell in love and decided to leave the Jedi Order to be together. We then had a child, and we are bringing up our youngling to learn the ways of the force. And we look very happy about it.

My wife – also not particularity a Star Wars fan – is stoked to have this portrait of us.

The point of the post is to share something we think is really cool, but it would be remiss of me not to pay it forward and promote my cousin’s services. So, if you want your own version, drop our cousin Vaitoa a line at vaicreative01@gmail.com. Tell him cuzzy Simon sent you, and said you’d give a good rate 😉

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