Girl with a Spider-Man camera toy

Girl with a Spider-Man camera

It was love at first sight when our daughter spotted this Spider-Man camera toy.

She has never really been one to use pester power too much, and if she was I’m sure my wife and I wouldn’t easily acquiesce to her demands.

That said, on the rare occasions that she DOES beg me to buy her something I tend to go along with it, as this happens so rarely. TBH, it helps a lot if it’s something I think is cool.

Three examples spring to mind: The time she spotted at a local book shop the manga for Wolf Children (which is an adaptation of an anime which she adores. I do too).

There was this Moana LEGO set, which she has wanted ever since she saw it at a toy shop. She loves the movie, and I think it’s such a great ‘Disney Princess’ film in that it is an action adventure about an empowered, independent woman who pretty much saves the world. It’s a pretty neat set, and it was 35% off when we saw it again at the LEGO store in London. So, ok then.

I am a charity shop junkie. I do the sweep of the local ones regularly, and when I take our daughter to the neighbouring town to see my parents I always do a round of them too. And that’s where she spotted this item, a Spider-Man camera toy.

This Spider-Man camera toy doesn’t do much of anything. It only has one button that works, which moves around a carousel of blurry Spider-Man slides you see through the viewfinder. The rest are just part of the shell. But she loved it, and begged me to buy it.

Just that morning, she had been excited to find £1 in a purse of hers. So at the shop, I told her she would have to use her £1 to pay for the Spider-Man camera toy. Which she happily did. She then excitedly ran around all day pretending to photograph things of interest. She would frame the subject and try to get the best angle – despite not being to actually see through the viewfinder. Basically, she was mirroring what she sees myself and my wife do when we take photos.

With all the access to great tech that our children have, which many of us embrace to encourage their creativity, it’s easy to forget the powerful role their imagination can play in other ways – such as transforming a simple plastic toy camera into a sophisticated device to capture what she loves about the world.

And it was a Spider-Man camera toy, so that was cool. This photo also reminded me of this image from the seventies Spider-Man cartoon of my childhood, so that was cool too 🙂

Girl with a Spider-Man camera toy seventies cartoon



6 thoughts on “Girl with a Spider-Man camera”

  1. the problem I have, Simon, is stopping my kids from using mygenuine (expensive) camera equipment! That said, imagination is a powerful thing. Any toy, such as this, that promotes a good imagination is to be encouraged I feel. Great find in that shop!

  2. Great photo, the next stop is getting a bigger camera and so on…or is that just me?

    My eldest has started asking for a camera, I might try a charity shop as you never know

    Thank you for linking up

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