First Star Wars Trailer

Check Out the Very Creepy First Star Wars Trailer

The very creepy first Star Wars trailer is giving me a new hope.

The second trailer for The Force Awakens builds from the previously posted ones. It fleshes out a little more the new & familiar worlds and characters we can look forward to.

But one thing seems to be missing from this – fun. The previous teasers for this film had their moments of levity. Even the darker instalments of the previous movies had time for humour. But The Force Awakens appears to be a fun-free zone judging by this latest trailer.

But then again, perhaps it’s worth revisiting the first trailer from 1977.

The very first Star Wars trailer

Does that look like fun? That first Star Wars trailer is for a far creepier movie than Star Wars actually turned our to be.

As one online commenter so succinctly put it, “this trailer makes Stars Wars look like shit.”

Fair point. So while the new one may look a little on the serious side so far, we should always be wary of judging a film by its trailer.

And to say I’m totally psyched for this is an understatement 🙂

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