Mens Jeans – Win a £30 House of Fraser Gift Voucher

If there’s one item of clothing that gets regular usage in the wardrobe of a stay-at-home dad it has to be the pair of jeans.

Yes, I know mums wear them too – but the iconic blue denim apparel is de rigour if you’re a dad with the kids, whether you’re at the park,  in a cafe, or on the floor playing LEGO – jeans are ubiquitous.

As summer approaches, many will ditch their jeans to give their legs an airing, but not me. I can be seen in jeans all year round. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

To promote their range of Mens Jeans, House of Fraser are offering you the chance to win a £30 gift voucher.

They’re even keen to make sure that men are wearing the right type of jeans for their body shape – why not check out the video on their site before you enter the giveaway. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

This is a sponsored post.


Are jeans a vital part of your wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below.

230 thoughts on “Mens Jeans – Win a £30 House of Fraser Gift Voucher”

  1. They are a vital part of my other halfs wardrobe. He only buys one brand & will hunt for hours to find them when out shopping!

  2. oh yes…they are my staple…they come in so many variations and colours, can dress them up or down, comfy and baggy or tight and bum looking good!

  3. Love jeans as they are so versatile and can be worn to go out or for everyday wear! I have a 12 pairs in different colours and styles!

  4. I spend so much time on my knees looking after kids that denim is essential if I don’t want to buy new trousers all the time

  5. Definitely there great for the outdoors and comfort brilliant for working in and go with anything really I’ve got several,pairs in my wardrobe love to know who invented the first pair off to look that one up!

  6. I wear jeans almost every day and have pairs for different times such as staying in, going shopping or going out at night.

  7. Yes, they have always been a staple part of my wardrobe! They go with everything and are perfect for any and every occasion!

  8. I love jeans and wear them the majority of the time. They are the only thing I feel really comfortable in. Hubby is the same.

  9. i love jeans you can dress them up or down i have a few different shades of blue a few black pairs and a white pair

  10. Yes! I wear jeans pretty much everyday (not the same ones mind you). You can’t beat jeans, converse and a geeky shirt!

  11. Can’t wear jeans for work, but can’t wait to put my jeans on when I get home. Not crazy about skinny jeans, much prefer relaxed fit. Thanks for the chance to get another pair 😉

  12. I spent many years as a motorcyclist, jeans where an essential part of my wardrobe as they gave some protection if I came off.

  13. Oh gosh yes. Jeans are a major item in my wardrobe. They’re about the only kind of trousers you can get that will survive a walk in the woods with four-year-olds.

  14. I love Levi jeans. I have numerous pairs in different colours and styles. I find them comfortable and easy to dress up or look casual in.

  15. Yes they are in our wardrobes, my husband has a couple of pairs a good pair and a best pair and he tells me both pairs are comfortable, but i would like to see him in black jeans

  16. They certainly are! They can be used to dress down to be casual, or dressed up to create a smart look for a nice evening out! I feel confident in them too 🙂

  17. i tend to wear jeans everyday so they are vital to me, i wear them to lounge aswell as go out in 🙂 i dont know what id do without them!

  18. Absolutely! I think my little boy thinks legs are made of denim. They’re just so practical and go with everything.

  19. I love the casual look of jeans and love to wear them on a weekend when I have to look smart for work the rest of the week.

  20. they are all i wear! im to big for leggings, skirts are hard to match tops with and with jeans you can wear anything with them.

  21. I am literally always in jeans, I even wear black jeans for work! I wear comfy jeans for everyday wear and smart jeans for going out 🙂

  22. Jeans go with everything… I wear them pretty much every day… and also I love skinny jeans as there is no need to iron them!

  23. Jeans are utterly essential! They go with everything. I have several pairs of blue, black and grey jeans – I’d be lost without them – actually I’d be half naked without them!

  24. i always buy my husband lovely named jeans as they last so much longer and he always looks smart with a nice shirt and jacket when wearing them

  25. Yes – jeans are like a girls best friend. Baggy and comfy for the school run but squeeze into skinny jeans for a relaxed night out

  26. Jeans are an ESSENTIAL part of my wardrobe! I work from home so wear them everyday. I find them comfortable and easy to wear.

  27. They are completely vital to any wardrobe. If I’m not in jeans, I’m wearing pyjama’s!! Jeans go with everything

  28. They are essential casual wear for me. Smart trousers for work. Jogging bottoms for home. Jeans for everywhere else.

  29. yes, I’m a girl though, but all the males i know live in their jeans too, they will have to fight me for the voucher if I win!

  30. yes very much so, I live in them, them and my trainers, they are comfy and warm and durable, especially around my little ones.x

  31. They used to be, but not so much recently! I have not recently had a decent pair that fitted me really well and so it has put me off!

  32. I love my jeans but they’re not an essential part of my wardrobe. Unlike my husband- he wears his all the time!

  33. ye as there ideal for wkend when im at the football supporting my son with his junior team they go with anything

  34. I’m one of those strange women who doesn’t own any denim. It’s purely out of comfort for a skin condition however. For my husband he wears them all the time when we got out anytime apart from when he’s working. In the house he’s normally a shorts man.

  35. Yes! I wear jeans almost every day… less in the summer but i have some special ‘summer jeans’ which are lighter. Theyre just so easy to wear and you don’t have think about what they go with.

  36. I wear jeans 75% of the time, it’s only summer when I revert to shorts that I stop wearing them. They are a ‘must have’ in my wardrobe.

  37. I live in jeans during the weekend. Since I work, I can’t wear them more often. I love the feeling of a well-worn pair of comfortable jeans.

  38. They are a vital part of my wardrobe because they suit so many different occasions and can be dressed up or dressed down.

  39. Gosh yes – an absolutely essential part of my wardrobe! You can dress them up or down! There are a air of jeans for every occasion in my wardrobe!

  40. I used to love wearing jeans when I was younger. But aren’t a good shape at the moment for jeans, so as soon as I feel comfortable again wearing them I will. 🙂 I know they have them in “baby elephant” sizes, but wouldn’t subject anyone to that sight just yet. 🙂

  41. Absolutely, I live in jeans and couldn’t be without them! – Thank you for the opportunity to win this fantastic prize! Good luck everybody.

  42. Jeans are a vital part of my wardrobe but I can never find jeans that fit. I will watch the video and hope it helps.

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