We should all be the Wonder Woman of the party

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Wonder Woman movie footage recut to 1970’s TV show theme is glorious

The theme tune to the iconic 1970’s Wonder Woman TV show, which starred Linda Carter (currently playing the US President in another female superhero TV show Supergirl), is the stuff of legends.

We are unlikely to see such four colour exuberance in the more dour looking Wonder Woman movie starring Gal Godot – and more’s the pity as this brilliant mash up of the seventies theme tune and footage the movie demonstrates.

It’s gleaned from footage of Gadot’s Wonder Woman taken from the two trailers plus her appearance in Batman V Superman.

Check it out – it’s likely to be the best thing you see today.

Thanks to YouTube user Sebastian Hughes for creating this.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Mighty Micros review

The LEGO Super Heroes Mighty Micros series are small sets that feature two characters with their own vehicles and accessories.

These ones are Marvel characters, and come in three sets: Captain America and Red Skull; Spider-Man and Green Goblin; Hulk and Ultron.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Mighty Micros packshot

They skew younger than most of the other Super Heroes sets, with recommended age of 5-12, but my 4-year-old daughter put them together herself – with a little encouragement from me to stay focused!

While the choice of characters is likely influenced by their movie appearances, the mini figures are more cartoony that previous incarnations. They are  also smaller, with the normal articulated legs here replaced with shorter mobile ones – presumably so the figures don’t loom out of their diminutive vehicles too much.

Might Micro minifigures compared with their standard minifigure counterparts.
Might Micro minifigures compared with their standard minifigure counterparts.

The combos mostly make sense, with an established hero/villain combo from the movies. The only exception is the Hulk/Ultron matchup, but neither character really has a direct nemesis to face off against.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Mighty Micros setsThere’s no real scenario to each set, other than each character has a vehicle and an accessory. Some of these make sense – Cap has his shield and a tank vs. Red Skull in another military vehicle plus the cosmic cube. However, Hulk is driving a Hulk car and eating a drumstick. It’s not a problem – I really like the Hulk one (as does the kid) with its ‘Hulk hands’ and green & purple colours – it’s just clear that some characters suited the format more than others.

These are fun and reasonably priced LEGO superhero sets. It’s a shame that no female characters are included in this Marvel series, but Catwoman does feature in one of the DC Super Hero sets.

Age wise, I would say these skew towards the younger end of the recommended 5-12 – but then again I had fun with them, and am somewhat outside of the recommended age.

The LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Mighty Micros sets have an RRP of £8.99


These LEGO sets were provided free of charge for the purposes of this review.

Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman movie tie-in Schleich figurines

These figurines tie in with the characters appearance in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) movies, such as Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. They are from the Anglo-German company Schleich who also make animals, dinosaurs, and Smurfs, among others – as well as DC Superheroes.

These are small figures, about 4 inches or 10 cm high, roughly the height of a Star Wars figure – but these are figurines, so they have no articulation.

Batman Superman Wonder Woman Schleich figurines Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice toys
Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman Schleich figurines compared to their onscreen counterparts they’re based on in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

The body sculpts are good, with lots of fine details on the outfits especially. The paint jobs are ok – a few liberties have been taken with the colours, and some details look a little rough in places. These are cheaper than their equivalent action figures though, so perhaps that’s to be expected.

Unlike the other DC Superhero figurines Schleich make, these movie tie-in ones also attempt bear the likeness of the actors playing the characters. Some are more successful than others.

Superman Wonder Woman Batman Schleich figurines

Batman looks close enough to Ben Affleck’s caped crusader, which is also reminiscent the iconic 1980’s The Dark Knight Returns look. Superman looks a lot like Henry Cavill, which is a strike against it in my books (I’m not a fan of his interpretation of Superman). It also has an unfortunate paint job which makes him look rather perplexed – as well as having a pretty pasty complexion (compared to Wonder Woman especially). The Superman figure also appears to be leaning back a lot, seemingly weighed down by his flowing cape.

It could be argued that the Wonder Woman figure is the least successful likeness-wise. However, I really like the way this figure looks – it has a less skinny and stronger looking frame than Gal Gadot (especially compared to the packaging artwork), and her face has more classically Mediterranean in look, in keeping with Wonder Woman’s greek origins.

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman toy compare
This Wonder Woman tie-in toy looks very little like Gal Gadot – especially compared to the packaging artwork.

The Wonder Woman figurine seems to be based very specifically on the first promo image of Gal Gadot as the character.

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Schleich Figurine
The Wonder Woman figure’s pose closely resembles that of the first promo image of Gal Gadot as the character, released in 2014.

Perhaps because it’s based on this early image, where the outfit’s colours were unclear, some license has been taken with the figurine’s colours. It is a shame that the vibrant blue and red colours of the Superman figure are not repeated in the Wonder Woman paint job, where those colours become pale blue and pink!

Batman V Superman – Dawn of Wonder Woman merchandise

I love the amount of Wonder Woman products we are finally seeing in the shops. For so many years, she has been an obvious omission from the shelves among all the Batman and Superman toys.

I am yet to be convinced about Wonder Woman’s movie outfit, but I am still to see it fully in action. I miss the vibrant primary colours of her classic costume, here looking more like a less earthy Xena Warrior Princess. But seeing Wonder Woman portrayed as a strong, proud, and athletic character is great.

girl playing with Wonder Woman and Batman v Superman Schleich figurines
These figurines, while lacking articulation, provide ample opportunity for character based imaginative role play.

My daughter likes the figures. I was worried the lack of articulation would mean her interest would wane quickly, but she is enjoying lots of imaginative role play with them. Coupled with her other sets of this trio (such as this one and this one), it is firmly established in her head that Wonder Woman is as important a part of this team as Batman and Superman.

Perhaps even more so – as far as she’s concerned Wonder Woman is stronger, cleverer, and has greater leadership skills than either Batman or Superman. Who am I to argue with that?


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice ©2016 WARNER BROS. ENT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Disclaimer: We were provided with these figurines free of charge for the purposes of this review.

Family Fever

LEGO Duplo Batman Adventure, featuring Wonder Woman and Superman

One of the best things about Wonder Woman featuring in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – as well as finally the character finally making it to the big screen and having her own movie on the way – is the influx of Wonder Woman merchandise on the shelves.

The latest example arrived on our doorstep the other day. Superhero Duplo is relatively new to the brand, the LEGO line designed specifically for young children – typically 1½ to 5 years.

For some reason this set is called Batman Adventure, despite the fact that as well as the aforementioned Wonder Woman, and the caped crusader, it also features Superman – the third part of the Justice League trinity brought together in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

What instantly drew me to this set was the inclusion of Wonder Woman, and she is probably the best served character of the set. While Batman has a basic Batboat, and Superman no vehicle at all, Wonder Woman comes with a pretty cool bike. The dudes have individual cloth capes though.

The scenario of the set is a wonderfully whimsical one – a cat’s in distress on the Gotham City river, and our trio of heroes have to save it from its makeshift raft around a working bascule bridge.

While my daughter at age 4 is getting towards the tail end of Duplo’s suggested age, she loves the study large sized bricks. Having access to these characters in Duplo form is another great way for her to indulge in imaginative play with these heroes. While I have always encouraged her to engage with Wonder Woman, my daughter is also a big fan of Batman and Superman too.

The character design is in keeping with the existing Duplo style, and thankfully at odds with the seriousness displayed in Batman V Superman. In this set, the trinity of heroes that form the Justice League really look like Super Friends.

Lego Duplo Justice League trio compared to Movie Justice League, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman
Why so serious? The happy Duplo Super Friends are at odds with the deathly earnest look of the movie Justice League trio.

The beauty of Duplo set is that my daughter can follow the simple printed instructions herself without my help, an important aspect of development. There is of course the free play and imaginative aspects that follow.

This is a fun set, and perfect for young superhero fans or any little kids you want to introduce these iconic characters to.

Lego Duplo Wonder Woman on bike


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice ©2016 WARNER BROS. ENT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Disclosure: We were provided with this set for the purposes of this review

Family Fever