My Sunday Photo – our daughter as Astronaut Tim Peake

In a happy occurrence that supported our continued efforts to teach our daughter about gender equality, she pretended to be British Astronaut Tim Peake this week.  Continue reading My Sunday Photo – our daughter as Astronaut Tim Peake

Say hello to my little friend (#MySundayPhoto)

As another summer season beckons, the garden is becoming a place for us to hang out in again. This year, our daughter is 5-years-old, and it’s always interesting to see how her age each year changes how she engages with this outdoor space.

This particular Sunday, I was doing various little garden and/or kitchen tasks while she was pottering about. She excitedly came over and asked “What is this?”. She had a woodlouse on her hand, crawling around, as she moved her hand to compensate for its movements so I could see it.

I was surprised that she wasn’t scared of it, this classic creepy crawly. In fact, she was so enamoured with it that she wanted it to be her pet. She called it ‘Lucy Louse’, and she wanted it to come and live with us.

I explained to her that it was a creature of the wild, and it wasn’t fair for us to trap it inside with us. It was driven to be free in the outdoors, and not kept as a pet.

She was disappointed, but accepted this. She bounded off and then enjoyed the rest of her time with Lucy, until she bade a fond farewell.

This desire for a pet is ongoing. She would love to have one. She is a very social person who likes companionship, and has many imaginary friends. She is desperate to have a sister, but knows my wife and I don’t want any more children. This desire is in part my motivation for arranging regular playdates (2-3 a week), so she has that social activity in a home environment.

Anyway, this was one of the photos I snapped that day. I like that it shows her grubby fingers that have been pottering around in the garden. I also likes that you can see the classic Yoda quote on her Star Wars top: “Judge me by my size do you?”

It applies here too, that a small and humble woodlouse could generate such joy and empathy in a little girl.



Let’s go fly a kite! (#MySundayPhoto)

Something I think my wife and I both pride ourselves on is our immaturity. That’s not to say we don’t feel like adults – we absolutely do. But we also embrace our childish sides, passing on our childlike sense of wonder and enthusiasm for the fun things in life.

For me, it will often manifest itself in my continued passion for all things Star Wars and Superhero – which followers of my blog will know I keenly share with my daughter.

My wife is more of an outdoorsy type than me (not difficult). I’ve often put it down to her being a New Zealander – as a country they are far more into being active outside than we Brits are. But really, it’s down to her. Running, doing cartwheels & handstands, and climbing trees are all things she likes to do when we’re off on country walks – which being Shire dwellers are right on our doorstep.

On this particular family walk, we decided to take a kite with us, one that has remained unused since I received it for this review.

The funny thing about this picture and our kite flying activity is that it was pretty much only my wife and I. We took turns flying and launching/photographing for the other. Our daughter was encouraged to stay back, partly because we didn’t want the cord to wrap round her neck because of our erratic flying – but also because she would just be getting in the way of our fun!

Aesthetically, this is not a great photo. I chose it because it at least captures the action of our kite flying in a way that is not too blurred. Also, it needed to fit into the right image ratio for this page, Facebook, and Instagram (which the rejects did not).

We will return here with the kite – it’s a good spot to fly it. And we will share it with our daughter – once we have mastered it ourselves 🙂


Observations on hosting boy girl playdates (#mysundayphoto)

Recently I have been hosting boy girl playdates with my daughter and various boys in her class. They’ve been fascinating to witness. Continue reading Observations on hosting boy girl playdates (#mysundayphoto)

Girl with a Spider-Man camera (#MySundayPhoto)

It was love at first sight when our daughter spotted this Spider-Man camera toy.

She has never really been one to use pester power too much, and if she was I’m sure my wife and I wouldn’t easily acquiesce to her demands.

That said, on the rare occasions that she DOES beg me to buy her something I tend to go along with it, as this happens so rarely. TBH, it helps a lot if it’s something I think is cool. Continue reading Girl with a Spider-Man camera (#MySundayPhoto)