LEGO Friends – Emma’s Photo Studio, Mia’s Beach Scooter, Stephanie’s Friendship Cakes

My daughter was sent a trio of LEGO Friends products to try out – Mia’s Beach Scooter, Emma’s Photo Studio, and Stephanie’s Friendship Cakes.

I’ve not been the biggest fan of LEGO Friends in the past, but have been impressed with how the brand has broadened the type of sets they offer.

Previously, it was mainly passive themes of spas and the like, but now there are more active themes, with more complex building required. Pink & pastels remain dominant colours though.

These three sets kind of fit the more active label, but it is a little bit of a stretch overall.

LEGO Friends Emma’s Photo Studio (41305)LEGO Friends 41305 Emma's Photo Studio Building Toy  

Emma has her own photo studio, and appears to like taking pictures of cats. But her studio is well equipped with an SLR camera, lights, props, and some kind of printer. She also seems to have an accessory table for the cat, with a bow, flowers, and even a tiara!

As a theme this is kind of a mixed bag – there are many stereotypically girly elements, however the set is about someone being a photographer, and taking their craft seriously – even it is is mostly about cats!

LEGO Friends Mia’s Beach Scooter (41306)

LEGO Friends 41306 Mia's Beach Scooter Building Toy

This was my favourite set. Mia seems to be a lifeguard, or perhaps she just likes hanging out by the lifeguard station. Either way, she also has a scooter with a sidecar for her dog (a pug?), and a surfboard. There is another surfboard on the lookout chair, which also has binoculars and flippers.

This is a nice active theme, with some quirky details – like the dog having sunglasses!

LEGO Friends Stephanie’s Friendship Cakes (41308) 

LEGO Friends 41308 Stephanie's Friendship Cakes Building Toy

This is probably the most traditionally ‘LEGO Friends’ set of them all, but it is also an active theme of Stephanie baking in a pretty well equipped kitchen.

Again, the cake/baking theme is stereotypically girly, but it is an inventively put together kitchen, with mixer, stove, fridge, and other culinary elements.


These are on the cusp for me, as they are either on – or even the wrong side – of playing up to gender stereotypes. However, there’s a nice range of themes and it could clearly be a lot worse.

Our daughter really liked them – and was at pains to tell me that these are for boys as well as girls. She’s obviously been paying attention to me.


All three sets have an RRP of £8.99. We were sent them free of charge for the purposes of this review.

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