DC Super Hero Girls LEGO Wonder Woman Dorm Set (41235) review

A fun little set featuring, the most iconic female superhero of all, is this DC Super Hero Girls LEGO Wonder Woman Dorm.

It’s a collection of 3 standalone dorm room elements – bed, wardrobe, invisible bike with stand – plus the Wonder Woman minifigure.

Wonder Woman is clearly a character who cares for her personal brand, as everything in her room has her symbol and colours.

Her wardrobe has double opening doors, with a greek style dress hanging inside (picture only, not an extra accessory sadly). She also has a bed that transforms into high-tech HQ with large viewing screen.

She also has room for her ‘Invisible Bike’ (clear plastic), and a pedestal so she can repair it (there are tools accessories).

Like the rest of the LEGO sets in this theme, the Wonder Woman figure is in the LEGO Friends style, with an outfit that is less revealing than her classic look. She also has her lasso accessory and there is a ‘Kryptomite’ creature too.

This is in the 7-12 age range, and while an easy build that our 5-year-old daughter was mostly fine with , she did need a bit of help. The set does have a lot of small pieces and there are quite a few stickers that need to be placed pretty precisely.

This has been a nice addition to my daughter’s DC Super Hero Girls collection – and it even clips onto the Super Hero High set, so it’s kind of an expansion pack!


DC Super Hero Girls LEGO Wonder Woman Dorm Set (41235) has an RRP of £19.99.

We were provided with this set by LEGO for the purposes of this review.

LEGO Dimensions Wave 7 – E.T., Gremlins, and more!

The latest wave (7 if you’re counting) of LEGO Dimensions adds a whole new set of pop culture icons to the video game platform.

From 80’s creatures to modern beasts, this collection offers up another eclectic mix of characters immortalised in classic and video game LEGO.

I’ll update this rundown of LEGO Dimensions series 7  as we get through each pack.

LEGO Dimensions Wave 7: Gremlins Team Pack lego-dimensions-gremlins-team-pack

1980’s kiddie horror classic comes Gremlins comes to LEGO Dimensions, with Gizmo and Stripe. This also comes with the R.C. Racer and Flash ‘n’ Finish (ie. Polaroid) camera mini-kits.

You get the environments of Bedford Falls (Gremlins) and New York (Gremlins 2).

I love this set – the minifigures are spot on in looks, though it’s a shame only Stripes legs are posable.

RRP £17.99.


LEGO Dimensions Wave 7: E.T., Fun Pack


Another even more famous Spielberg 1980′ movie icon comes to LEGO Dimensions in the E.T Fun pack.

As well as a nicely designed minifigure (with flower accessory) you also get an eighties phone minikit that also turns into his message transmitter and a satellite.

RRP: £14.99


LEGO Dimensions Wave 7: Sonic Level Pack


A videogame icon returns via the magic of LEGO in the form of Sonic the Hedgehog.

This level pack not only gives you a great Sonic figure and two mini kits – it also adds extra playable levels to the game.

RRP: £17.99


LEGO Dimensions Wave 7: Fantastic Beasts, Fun Pack


The first pack to tie in with the new JK Rowling Potterverse franchise Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, is also the only set to feature a female minifigure.

This fun pack has the Tina Goldstein minifigure as well as the Swooping Evil minikit.

RRP: £14.99


LEGO Dimensions Wave 7: Fantastic Beasts, Story Pack


The headliner of this wave is this Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Story Pack.

It has a figure of the lead character Newt Scamander, a minikit of Niffler (which can be rebuilt into the Sinister Scorpion and Vicious Vulture), and a very impressive new MACUSA gateway build for your LEGO Toy Pad – but most importantly of all you can play out the story of the entire movie.

RRP: £39.99


We were sent series 7 of LEGO Dimensions for the purposes of this review.

LEGO Friends Amusement Park Hot Dog Van (41129)

This Hot Dog van is our first LEGO Friends set. In the past I’ve not been the biggest fan of this LEGO sub-brand, widely interpreted as ‘LEGO for girls’, as I think all LEGO is for girls (and boys).

But in recent years they have been introducing more active themes into the Friends line. This set is from the Amusement Park collection, which also includes the likes of dodgems and roller coaster sets.

One of the first things I noticed about this is the colour of the pieces. We seem to have a lot of grey pieces in our collection (a legacy of too many Star Wars sets perhaps?), so it’s great to have so many bright colours here.

The design of the set is really fun, with the van looking like a giant hot dog. Within that are some nice elements. There is seating up top, a little Photo Booth set up, and inside there is a simple but effectively designed grill area. I also like the little accessories such as hot dogs, drinks, and even condiments.

 LEGO Friends Amusement Park Hot Dog Van 41129 packshot

While the minifigures are of the taller & thinner Friends variety, the fact that this set has a boy and a girl helps this set appear more unisex. Like the increasing way the CITY line is featuring female figures in most sets, it removes the subtext that this is a set for girls. It isn’t, and I don’t think any boy would (or should) be disappointed to get this.

The stated age is 6-12, but my 4-year-old made this with ease in an hour or two.

Another issue I potentially have with Friends vs other LEGO is compatibility. While the bricks, etc. are interchangeable, the minifgures are of a slightly different configuration.

One of the first things my daughter did in completion of the set was get Batman, Robin, and Wonder Woman to be part of the set, which worked fine. She also found that the taller Friends figures still actually did fit inside many of our existing standard LEGO vehicles such as the Batwing (from the Sky High Battle set).

The Hotdog outfit also fit the normal minifigures, which is a lot of fun 🙂

If Star Wars had product placement…

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I asked my daughter if she thought this Hot Dog set was for girls or boys, and she stated –  quite firmly – that ‘LEGO is for girls AND boys.’

Which it is of course. As well as women AND men of course 😉


The LEGO Friends Amusement Park Hot Dog Van (41129) has an RRP of £24.99. We were sent a set free of charge for the purposes of this review.

LEGO Star Wars: Rogue One – Rebel U-Wing Fighter Set (75155)

While anticipation builds for the latest Star Wars movie, a glimpse of the new ships and characters we can look forward have been revealed with the latest LEGO Star Wars sets.

Star Wars: Rogue One is set immediately prior to the original 1977 Star Wars. The rebel forces have a history of alphabetising their star fighters. There are the famed X-Wings, also Y-Wings, B-Wings, and A-Wings. What does Rogue One have to offer? It appears the rebels have added U to their lettered fleet.

This LEGO U-Wing has 650+ pieces, in 5 numbered bags. It comes with 5 minifigures, and is the only one of the first wave of Star Wars: Rogue One sets to feature a Jyn Erso minifigure (who’s the female lead).


The stated age is 8-14, but making this was a great joint activity with my 4-year-old daughter. We have always tried to encourage her to be ambitious on what she is capable of, and she always takes great satisfaction in making a LEGO model intended for much older children.


The completed ship has various interactive features to give it a shelf life beyond construction – two retractable wings (turning the U into a variation on Y), 2 spring-loaded missile launchers, 2 stud shooters, 2 pullout slide doors, an opening cockpit, and a rear storage locker.

As well as Jyn Erso, the minifigures are her fellow Rebels Cassian Andor, alien Bistan, plus a Rebel trooper and a U-Wing pilot.

As we have yet to see the U-Wing in action in the movie, this is a different prospect to most of our previous LEGO Star Wars sets. We are normally recreating iconic scenes and vehicles, but this one’s place in the Star Wars saga is yet to be seen. As such, it currently lacks the recognisable appeal of other sets. Even the Imperial Rogue One sets at least evoke the other more familiar vehicles.

But for us, just having a Jyn Erso figure – another addition to the canon of female Star Wars characters – was a good enough reason to choose this over the others.

Jyn Erso is in the house (along with Cassian Andor) #starwarsrogueone #jynerso #75155

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Star Wars is set to dominate christmas once again this year, and this LEGO set is sure to be under many a tree.

The LEGO Star Wars: Rogue One – Rebel U-Wing Fighter Set has an RRP of £69.99. We were sent this set for the purposes of this review.


LEGO DUPLO Backhoe Loader review

The LEGO DUPLO Backhoe Loader is the perfect toy for any digger loving child – which let’s face it is pretty much every child.

Kids love diggers. It’s basically a fact. What’s also a fact is that this love is not the preserve of boys, as girls loves them too. Our daughter is always fascinated by them and what they are being used for when we see them while out and about.

There’s a bit of a chicken and egg scenario with digger toys – do kids find them fascinating because they love the toy which leads to them loving the real life ones? Or are they interested in seeing real ones in action, which then leads to them loving the toys?

Truth likely includes either, or both – but there seem to be a few ways children connect with a construction toy such as this. There is the fascination with the mechanics of the completed model; There’s the interest in how it is put together & customised; And there is also imaginative play – acting out scenarios of what the digger, and the operator, are doing.

This LEGO DUPLO Backhoe Loader set offers the chance for children to engage with the toy in these multiple ways. The finished set has a digger with two shovels, plus and operator and various extra bricks for the building site.

LEGO DUPLO Backhoe Loader 10811
The LEGO DUPLO Backhoe Loader (10811)

I love how there are bricks printed with things that may be found in the ground of a digging site such as earthworms and even an animal skull! Most children will likely assume this to be a dinosaur. LEGO stop short of including an ancient human burial ground, but that would have been an authentic touch 😉

The set range is 2-5. For a child of the upper age range (like our 4-year-old daughter), this will offer less interest as a construction toy compared with LEGO Juniors or the next level.  But it’s still a dependable way for them to build and play.

LEGO has improved greatly in including a mix of male and female characters in what used to be far more gender divided toys, but this set includes one male figure only. So my only real criticism is that I would have loved to have seen a female figure included too.


The LEGO DUPLO Backhoe Loader has an RRP of £12.99. We were sent a set free of charge for the purposes of this review.


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