DC Super Hero Girls LEGO: Harley Quinn to The Rescue set (41231)

This DC Super Hero Girls LEGO set is notable for a few reasons. It features Harley Quinn – a notable ‘villain’ in the DC universe, but here more of a mischievous hero. It also has the only male character of the current wave of DC Super Hero Girls LEGO (and possibly the whole line?) – Steve Trevor, here a coffee shop waiter but more commonly known as Wonder Woman’s on/off love interest (he’s played by Chris Pine in the live action movie).

But what I really love about this set is the ‘story’ it represents: It’s called Harley Quinn to The Rescue, and it nicely gender flips the classic cliched scenario. Here we have a DUDE in distress, being rescued by a female hero.

Harley Quinn DC Super Hero Girls LEGO

The set itself is a cute coffee shop – ‘Capes & Cowls’ – frequented by the super hero girls. It has some nice little features such as a coffee maker, arcade machine (do they still exist?), and a seating area with coffee and pizza. It also has a cupcake launcher, a pair of Kryptomites (who have captured Steve), and Harley’s flying net launcher.

The build was fairly straightforward for our 5-year-old daughter, but there were a few little fiddly bits she needed help with.

The Steve and Harley minifigures are in the LEGO Friends style, and it’s great to have a male character in the line – and especially cool that he needs rescuing! DC Super Hero Girls could definitely do with more male characters – which may seem counter intuitive, but I certainly want my daughter to engage in imaginative play with male characters too. As it is she is already adding in her ‘normal’ LEGO Super Hero figures.

As with the other toys in this line, I think they could be a real gateway toy into superheroes for girls who may not have considered it before – as well as those, like my daughter, who are already superhero fans.


DC Super Hero Girls LEGO: Harley Quinn to The Rescue set (41231) has an RRP of £24.99.

We were sent a set by LEGO for the purpose of this review.

DC Super Hero Girls LEGO Wonder Woman Dorm Set (41235) review

A fun little set featuring, the most iconic female superhero of all, is this DC Super Hero Girls LEGO Wonder Woman Dorm.

It’s a collection of 3 standalone dorm room elements – bed, wardrobe, invisible bike with stand – plus the Wonder Woman minifigure.

Wonder Woman is clearly a character who cares for her personal brand, as everything in her room has her symbol and colours.

Her wardrobe has double opening doors, with a greek style dress hanging inside (picture only, not an extra accessory sadly). She also has a bed that transforms into high-tech HQ with large viewing screen.

She also has room for her ‘Invisible Bike’ (clear plastic), and a pedestal so she can repair it (there are tools accessories).

Like the rest of the LEGO sets in this theme, the Wonder Woman figure is in the LEGO Friends style, with an outfit that is less revealing than her classic look. She also has her lasso accessory and there is a ‘Kryptomite’ creature too.

This is in the 7-12 age range, and while an easy build that our 5-year-old daughter was mostly fine with , she did need a bit of help. The set does have a lot of small pieces and there are quite a few stickers that need to be placed pretty precisely.

This has been a nice addition to my daughter’s DC Super Hero Girls collection – and it even clips onto the Super Hero High set, so it’s kind of an expansion pack!


DC Super Hero Girls LEGO Wonder Woman Dorm Set (41235) has an RRP of £19.99.

We were provided with this set by LEGO for the purposes of this review.

LEGO DC Super Hero Girls: Batgirl’s Batjet (41230)

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Get Your Cape On! The DC Super Hero Girls Are Here

As a superhero loving geek-dad of a daughter, I couldn’t be happier about the launch of DC Super Hero Girls.

The lack of content and merchandise featuring female superheroes has been obvious to me ever since I became a dad 4 years ago, and have written about it regularly.

My daughter, while enjoying the likes of Batman and Superman craves content with female heroes such as Wonder Woman and Batgirl, and even villains like Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy – all of whom are part of the DC Super Hero Girls.

The set up is this – the girls (they are all school age characters) attend the exclusive Super Hero High, and we follow their teenage misadventures – with the added complication of super powers.

As well as the aforementioned Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy – there is also  Supergirl, Katana, Bumblebee, Cheetah, Hawkgirl, and Catwoman! There is a character for everyone from the honourable Wonder Woman, studious Batgirl, to the mischievous Harley Quinn.

My daughter doesn’t only want to engage with superheroes fighting each other either – some of her favourite stories involve the relationships between the characters. This is an important aspect of the DC Super Hero Girls cartoon.

I’ve written about this line before. I wasn’t sure about it then, and perhaps my concerns remain just a little. But that is now overshadowed by my enthusiasm for what this. It is a major progression in the kind of content and merchandise created for girls, and specifically the idea that superheroes can be for them too.

For many girls I also believe it will be a gateway into the wider world of superheroes and comic books, as well as an inspiring and empowering line in its own right.

The toys are coming to the UK soon, but in the meantime you can check out the cartoon on the DC Super Hero Girls dedicated YouTube channel:

You can also head over to the website to find out more about the specific characters, play games, download free printables, and more!


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This is a sponsored post. However, I am genuinely excited about DC Super Hero Girls!