Smart Men’s Flowers – the simple flower delivery service (Ad)

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Smart Men’s Flowers.


My wife loves flowers. And like a good (well, OK) husband, I sometimes buy them for her. But here’s a not very well kept secret – I usually have no idea what to buy.

I don’t know what’s appropriate for which occasion. I don’t know which ones look best or not. And I get overwhelmed with choice on the more well known sites.

It may be sexist to think this way, but I think this mirrors the dynamic in a lot of relationships.

Enter Smart Men’s Flowers.

It’s the brainchild of a husband & wife team. You guessed it – she loves flowers, he usually forgets to buy them for her.

With the spark of an idea, and after some market research, they noted this is a wider societal dynamic – so their service aims to fulfil the requirements of the un-engaged male flower buyer.

They found that many men felt overwhelmed with choice on traditional flower delivery websites, and that we often forget to sort out flowers for important dates.

So, the controlling idea of their offering seems to be ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’. They have 8 colourful bouquets, all priced at £29, with free next day UK delivery options of being hand-delivered or just posted through the letterbox.

And if you are particularly bad at remembering to sort out flowers for this important dates, there is even an annual subscription service – so you can set it up for your loved one to receive flowers every year on the same date, whether that be Valentine’s Day, her birthday, your anniversary – or all three and more. And it’s not just for partners – never forget sorting out flowers for your mother’s birthday, or even Mother’s Day again.

We (well, my wife) received two bouquets – ‘Red Roses’ and ‘Mixed Roses’ (pink, orange, and yellow). I’m no expert (that’s the point of the service) but these looked lovely to me.

Smart men's flowers mixed roses bouquet
From the ‘Mixed Roses’ bouquet
Smart mens flowers red roses bouquet
From the ‘Red Roses’ bouquet

They were hand-delivered in two large boxes, and looked bright and fresh when removed. I quickly transferred to two vases, watered, added flower food, and voila –  flowers to greet my wife when she returned home from work.

Is this service just for men? Of course not – women who feel the same can use this too. But are men more likely to find this service useful? IMHO, absolutely.

Anyway, after a hard day at the office, my wife was very happy to be greeted with some lovely flowers…


To find out more, check out the Smart Men’s Flowers website.


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