Because a Dad’s Work is Never Done: Johnson’s Click & Collect Dry Cleaning

This is a sponsored review post in collaboration with Johnson Cleaners.


Being the at-home parent means I get certain household tasks by default: Cooking, cleaning (not enough for my wife’s high standards), laundry, etc.

Something else I get saddled with, and generally provokes a sigh every time I need to do it, is going to the dry cleaners. I resent dry clean only clothing (my wife seems to have a lot of these), and getting the likes of household items cleaned (“Is the couch really THAT dirty?”).

So when I was offered the chance to check out Johnson’s Click & Collect Dry Cleaning, I jumped at the chance to remove one of my domestic burdens (oh woe is me).

We decided to clean some of our sofa covers and cushions – which have suffered years of food & drink abuse. I’d like to blame the kid, but us parents are pretty messy TV dinner eaters too.

It was very simple. I went to the site, created an account, then went to online ordering > new order . The selected ‘Home’ and ticked boxes for sofa covers and cushions & number of items. After selecting your chosen day, you pay and you’re all done.

After checkout, the confirmation email arrived – but confusingly it said ‘delivery’ (they were picking up). It also said I would be given a time on the morning of the ‘delivery’ when I would need to be in to sign for it.

Unfortunately, on said morning of the ‘delivery’, I was given a time slot that overlapped with the school pick up. The collection/delivery service is from DPD, and I wasn’t able to adjust or request a new time that day – so I chose the next day and hoped for a better slot then.

However, despite rescheduling, the DPD driver still arrived late that afternoon anyway – luckily after we were home from the school run. I quickly took all the covers off and that was that. So a mistake, but a convenient one so no big deal.

3 days later, I had an email saying that the cleaning had finished. There was no indication when it would be delivered back, and a couple of days later the same DPD driver arrived with my cleaning (luckily I was in). Again, potentially not ideal, but it worked out fine on this occasion.

The most important thing is were the covers cleaner? Well, yes they were. The couch & cushions are 7-8 years old, so I wasn’t expecting them to be pristine, but they were much cleaner than before.

And despite my observations about the pick up/delivery service, the fact remains that it was all immensely convenient. I didn’t have to make an annoying trip to deliver and pick up from the cleaners myself.

And that is a win in my book 🙂


Check out  Johnson’s Click & Collect Dry Cleaning for yourself.



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