Planning ahead: Saving for your child's nest egg

Planning ahead: Saving for your child’s nest egg with an Orbis Access JISA

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Orbis Access.


Having a nest egg can only make life easier, especially when buying your first house.

It’s likely that the single biggest expense any of us will ever undertake is buying property. It costs so much we usually have to borrow the funds to do so. And even then, we still need access to a big chunk of cash to pay the deposit – 5% if you’re lucky, but more likely 10-20% of the value of the property.

We have been late getting on the property ladder, and pulling together the deposit required accessing a myriad of funds, including a forgotten foreign pension and some very generous family. It clearly would have been easier if I had a pot of cash set aside for this event.

We can’t turn back time, but we can try and set our daughter up to be in a better position than we were – by saving for her nest egg now.

A great option for building a nest egg is a Junior ISA (JISA). As well as being tax-efficient (although this depends on your individual circumstances and may change over time), the money cannot be accessed until your child turns 18. After that of course, you need to persuade them to continue saving – or at least to avoid blowing it all on a luxury holiday!

Saving for your child’s nest egg with Orbis Access

Orbis Access have a great JISA offer this tax season. Firstly, they will waive any management fees on any money invested in the first 12 months of opening an account.

In addition, if you open a JISA with them before 30 April 2017, they will match your first investment – up to £100. This promotion also includes JISA and Child Trust Fund transfers into Orbis Access accounts opened in the promo period.

Find out more about the Orbis Access Junior ISA fee-free offer and £100 matching offer here.

The old adage of turning pennies into pounds couldn’t be more true when it comes to investing for our kids future, and that includes saving for your child’s nest egg. Just bear in mind that when investing, the value of your investments can go down as well as up, so you could end up with less than you put in, which means your capital is at risk.

I just hope she doesn’t blow it on buying some limited edition LEGO! It’s the sort of thing I would do – so I really need to instil more money sense in my daughter.


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Find out more about the Orbis Access Junior ISA fee-free offer and £100 matching offer here.

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  1. Whatever you do, don’t let your little one blow it all on LEGO! As it happens, I wish I had saved more before I got on the property ladder. It wouldn’t have happened without income form my then partner. Good idea to start saving now and the fee free year from Orbis will help.

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