Boxing Day Movie Ideas, Matched with Iceland Party Foods (ad)

Once again, dad’s gone to Iceland. This time I went to the party food section.

Like many, we tend to consume a fair amount of party food this time of year. Iceland’s frozen range is a very convenient way to have these on hand should you be entertaining – or just looking for snacks to whack in the oven to eat while watching a movie.

While Christmas may be a time of goodwill to all men & all that, to me it’s also a time for kicking back and indulging in food and movies. Boxing Day is a particularly good day to just veg out as a family.

Looking at the Iceland range of party foods, I thought some of them would go perfectly with some of our favourite movies.

1. Tempura Prawns & Chicken Gyoza with the films of Studio Ghibli

(Lightsaber chopsticks optional)

To go with the Japanese Tempura Prawns and Chicken Gyoza, the films of the legendary Japanese animation studio Studio Ghibli would be a perfect match. They are required viewing in our house, and we have pretty much all of them on hand to offer up as an alternative to Disney.

Food is always an important aspect of them, and my daughter and I are always intrigued by the delicious dishes the characters are often preparing and eating – whether it’s the bento breakfast made by Satsuki in My Neighbour Totoro, Shizuku’s school lunch in Whisper of the HeartPonyo‘s love of noodles and ham, or the daily feasts prepared in From Up On Poppy Hill.

Even the horrific scene of Chihiro’s parents eating so much they turn into pigs in Spirited Away has some mouth watering looking food. Having these Iceland party snacks on hand to enjoy while watching will at least stop you coveting this animated food so much.

From ‘Spirited Away’ (Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi), directed by Hayao Miyazaki, © 2001 Nibariki

Anyway, speaking of pigs…

2. Party Sausage Rolls, Mini Pies, and Toad-in-the-Hole with BabeAnimal Farm

Porktastic party food

Some may find this pairing a little twisted.

I loathe Peppa Pig, probably as much as my daughter loves it, and I frequently remind her that the ham she loves to eat so much is actually from dead pigs. But we do love pork products in our house. I found it hard to choose which porky Iceland frozen party foods to pick, so I chose a few – Mini Toad-in-the-Holes, Chicken & Bacon mini-pies, and the classic Sausage Rolls.

But what to watch with it all? Don’t worry, I’m not going to suggest a binge watch of Peppa Pig.

A great counterpoint to the cute humanised Peppa Pig are the machinations of Napoleon and his acolytes in the the 1954 cartoon version of Animal Farm.

Many would think that this movie – based on George Orwell’s infamous allegory of the Russian Revolution and the Stalinist era that follows – is unsuitable for a 4-year-old (or older) child. I would disagree. It’s also worth noting that the film is rated U.

Also rated U, centred around a pig on a farm, and based on a book by a famed English author is the 1995 film Babe. It’s a delightful tale of an orphaned piglet who upsets the natural order of the farmyard by training to become a sheep dog – a sheep-pig if you will.

In his own way, Babe is a bit of a revolutionary. I quite like the idea that he grows into the old major of Animal Farm – so while the happiest way to view these movies is to end with Babe, ending with Animal Farm is the most satisfying.

And what better food to accompany these two porky farmyard tales than these porky party treats.

3. Breaded Cheese Selection with Wallace & Gromit

Breaded cheese – including Wallace & Gromit’s beloved Wensleydale

For the breaded cheese selection, there was only one pairing it could be – especially when I spotted one of the breaded cheeses was Wensleydale.

Yes, Wallace & Gromit (who are only in one film to date, the 2005 Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit) love cheese and Wensleydale in particular – though quite what they’d make of it mixed with apricot, and melted into a breaded parcel is another matter.

Also in this selection of breaded cheese bites are Mozzarella with Red pepper & Jalapeño, plus Camembert with sweetened onion.

I’d recommend a bit of wine or spirits to go with this one. And why not – it’s Christmas after all…


This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Iceland Foods. Their full range of party foods are available to purchase with ease either online or in store. 



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